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Memphis Eats: Oshi Burger Bar

Since one of our interns at work is headed back to school we went out as a company for lunch to celebrate what a great job he has done this summer. Today I learned the best way to celebrate someone's last day at work is with alcoholic milkshakes. That's right, alcoholic milkshakes. The menu at Oshi Burger Bar ... read more

Small Indulgences

My dinner tonight was an experiment in letting myself eat whatever I wanted - within reason. I wanted some of the bacon my boyfriend cooked... so I put one slice on my turkey burger sans bun. I wanted some cheese... so I put a sprinkle of shredded romano cheese on my broccoli. I wanted some chocolate... so I had a ... read more

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Food Favorites When It’s Hot Outside

Y’all it is HOT. We are under an excessive heat warning and these temperatures are in that range that I personally consider unbearable. I’ve unfortunately gone outside for too long in the last few days and each time my skin breaks out in a heat rash/hives. I’m literally allergic to it being this hot. There are ... read more

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