Sam’s Club Grocery Haul

grocery haul - amerrylife

My mom decided that this was the week she finally wanted to enter the world of bulk shopping. She and her husband always buy in bulk and store food but they just did that through regular grocery stores. They finally decided to get a bulk shopping store membership and chose Sam’s Club. Since my mom is awesome, she added me to the membership as well!

I’ve been to Costco and was excited to see how Sam’s Club was different and what items they offered. I enjoyed walking around the store and picked up a few random items that I needed or wanted to try.

Here’s what I picked up during my first visit to Sam’s Club this week.

grocery haul -  salad mix

A giant bag of garden salad mix! I already have some mixed greens and other things to mix into a salad so this will be some filler salad mix to make them more filling.

grocery haul - honey mustard salad dressing

O’Charley’s Honey Mustard Dressing! My mom and I split a package of these. I will probably end up thinning this out with water as I use it since it’s thick, so this will last me forever.

grocery haul - bagel thins

Everything bagel thins! I loooove everything bagels. I’ve been obsessed with them since my trip to New York City in 2013. They are delicious and one of my favorite things to have for breakfast. These bagel thins are a great way to have the same taste and idea without all the extra bread and calories.

grocery haul - caveman bars

Cave Man nutrition bars! I admit to buying these on a whim right before leaving the store. They were in the last aisle we went down and I was interested in trying them. They seemed interesting so I’ll definitely be posting a review of these later. Have you tried them before?

grocery haul - chicken

Rotisserie chicken! I love rotisserie chickens even though they are high in sodium. The convenience is awesome and I don’t have the space to cook a full chicken in my tiny kitchen right now, so I love these. I bought one at Sam’s Club because they were so large and the same price as Kroger.

grocery haul - eggs

Eggs! On mornings I eat eggs (scrambled or on a bagel thin) I use 2 eggs or 1 egg and 2 egg whites. This means I go through eggs pretty quickly. I’ve been out for a couple days so I stocked up again.

grocery haul - hot sauce

Louisiana Hot Sauce! This is my favorite kind of hot sauce in the world. I can put it on anything savory and I love it. I totally agree with their slogan The Perfect Hot Sauce. This is another item I ran out of and have gone without for a while. I got this package with multiple bottles so I’m stocked up for the time being. SO. EXCITED.

grocery haul - veggie straws

Garden Veggies Straws! My mom had these at her house because she and her husband like eating them as a snack. I wanted something crunchy and didn’t see my go to Pop Chips, so I figured I would try these out too. I’ll let you know how I like them in a future review!

That’s all I got during my trip! It was really just about walking around and seeing what is available for future trips to scout out how to save money on food. I’ll definitely be going back with my mom and already started my list for things to buy next time I go!

13 Free Ways to Exercise Without a Gym Membership

Because one of my main goals for this year is to save money to buy a cute little house here in Memphis, I’m cutting back on my expenses. Having a gym membership is unfortunately one of the little luxuries that I decided to trim from my expenditure list because it’s totally possible to live a healthy lifestyle without a gym membership.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve gone without a gym membership, I had to remind myself of all the ways I could workout without a gym.

13 Free Ways to Exercise Without a Gym Membership

Here’s the list I came up with of free ways to exercise with a gym membership. Please chime in to the comments if I missed any good ideas!

Go For A Walk

You don’t need a gym to do the most basic of all exercise: walking! Simply put on your clothes and tennis shoes and hit the pavement. Bonus points if you have a dog to walk because you will both benefit greatly from all the exercise. JuJu and I like to go on one or two good walks a day to make sure we’ve both got the exercise we need.

Walkers' Feet

Take A Hike

No matter where you live there are places nearby to go hiking. I consider my area a very flat place but there are areas of rolling hills and forest that are great for hiking for a couple hours. If you live in a mountainous area then you will have even better places to go hiking for free. Google hiking trails near your area and head off for a couple hours of fun exercise in nature.

Jog With A Group

In most major cities you can find running groups that meet several nights of the week. These groups are free to join and you can often go at your own pace. It’s a great way to still be social while exercising but not spend any more or set foot in the gym. Check out your local running store to find out what groups exist since many are sponsored by and leave from running stores.

Play A Game With Friends

Round up a bunch of your active or want-to-be-active friends to play a game together. You could play softball, flag football, soccer, kickball, or really any game you can think of playing! As long as someone already has a ball or equipment you can usually play for free at a local park. It’s a fun way to be social and exercise without a gym membership.

ride a bike - free ways to exercise without a gym membership

Ride Your Bike

If you have a bike laying around or know someone that will let you borrow their bike, go take a bike ride. It’s my favorite way to get in exercise while enjoying the scenery. Memphis is a great biking city and we have several trails that are wonderful for biking along the city. I love to go complete the Greenline on my bike on a beautiful day.

Jump, Jump, Jump

A jump rope is an essential item to have in any home gym so if you need a free way to exercise, grab your jump rump and have at it. If you want it do be completely free then just jump or do jumping jacks. You can alternate and through in jump squats and other jumping exercises that will leave your legs feeling like jello while torching calories.

Use Your Bodyweight

You can get a really good workout in at home using just your own bodyweight to do strength training exercises. Find a workout online or create your own if you have the knowledge. Once you’ve got a plan for what exercises to do then work what you’ve got. A good body weight circuit is a free way to exercise and get in shape without a gym membership.

Dance Your Butt Off

Dancing is a free and fun way to get in shape. You don’t need a gym membership for this activity, just put on your favorite dance music and start moving! You can also use any dance games you might have from video game consoles like Dance Dance Revolution. This free exercise is also one that is fun and easy to convince others to do with you!

Workout With YouTube Videos

There are several great trainers who put full workout videos on YouTube. You can use YouTube to do workouts from yoga to pilates to cross fit style workouts. There are tons of different workout ideas on there that can be really fun to do at home! One of my favorite YouTubers is Blogilates who does great pilates and ab workouts.

Get A Workout DVD

Do you have a free library card? Many libraries will let you check out DVDs from their collection for free and chances are your local library has a selection of workout DVDs. My local library had the Biggest Loser Workout DVDs which are all a great workout. Even if you decide to purchase a couple of workout DVDs, they will pay off in the long run when you use them over and over again to workout at home. It’s a very inexpensive way to get in a workout!

Do Chores

While chores aren’t very fun, they are a great way to be active during your day. Cleaning floors and doing laundry and similar activities can burn calories while you are accomplishing other tasks. You can add in little things like squats and lunges while you work to make it a legitimate workout.

walk stairs free ways to exercise without a gym membership

Work The Stairs

Use the stairs in your house or somewhere nearby like a mall or office building to break a sweat in a short amount of time. You can climb up and down for several repetitions and get in some great exercise for free. You can also do the same thing at a local high school stadium on their bleachers. There is no need for those fancy stairclimber machines at the gym!

Count Your Steps

Challenge yourself to a steps challenge and do little movement throughout the day to see it all add up! You can combine any activity you want to increase your steps count. It’s a great way to stay active and get in the exercise you need without a gym membership.

Working Out Without A Gym: You’ve Got Options

While a gym membership is a nice luxury, you don’t need one to get your heart rate up and gain all the benefits of exercise. If you don’t have money for the gym or don’t like going, try some of these free ways to exercise instead! There are definitely a lot of options available and if you are creative then it’s pretty easy to get variety and even have fun while doing it. You can workout anywhere you are and on the cheap too!

14 Pinterest Home Workouts To Get You Started

Lately I’ve been working out at home more often because it’s faster overall. It’s also nice to be able to roll out of bed and get a quick workout in to start the day.

Here I’ve collected some of my favorite at home workouts from pinterest. Most of them are circuit workouts that you complete multiple rounds of during a workout. If it feels too hard for you only do  a round or two and work up to the full workout. If it feels easy, do as many rounds as you can until you tire! Workouts are customizable like that.

Full Body At Home Workouts

These home workouts work the full body and include all the muscle groups.

500 bodyweight workout challenge

500 Bodyweight Workout Challenge


popsugar anywhere workout

PopSugar Anywhere Workout

6 minute morning shower workout

Fit Wirr 6 Minute Workout Before Morning Shower

tone it up girls summer workout

Tone It Up Girls Bikini Body Routine

5 4 3 2 1 workout from pinterest

The 5-4-3-2-1 Workout

Leg At Home Workouts

These at home workouts target your legs for a lean, sculpted look.

lazy girl inner thigh workout

PopSugar Lazy girl’s Inner-Thigh Workout

lean thighs workout from shape

5 Ways to Sculpt Lean Thighs from Cosmopolitan

thigh thinning circuit workout

Thigh Thinning Circuit Pinterest Workout

lean legs pyramid workout

Lean Legs Pyramid Exercise

Butt At Home Workouts

Everyone wants a better butt and these workouts deliver.

18 minute butt workout

Kama Fitness 18 Minute Fantastic Ass Workout

anastasia butt workout

10 Exercises to get an Anastasia Ashley Butt

better butt workout

4 Steps To A Better Butt Workout

Abs At Home Workouts

These workouts target your core muscles for a strong core and sexy abs.

blogilates ab workout

Blogilates Bikini Blaster 3: ABS

popsugar sculpt session

PopSugar Sculpt Sesssion: Abs, Thighs, & Butt

Hopefully you enjoy these at home workouts from Pinterest! Follow me on Pinterest for even more great workout pins and ideas!

Morning Workout Motivation

Lately I’ve switched from post-work workouts in the afternoon and evening to doing morning workouts. It’s a different schedule entirely for me but I’m loving it! This morning I knocked out half an hour of cardio and a strength training workout as well, all before I’d done anything else for the day.

I always used to avoid working out in the morning because I love getting more sleep and hitting the snooze button once or twice. I also thought that working out the in the morning would make me hungrier all day. Sometimes that happens if it’s a particularly hard workout, but in general those were just excuses. I lacked motivation to wake myself up an hour earlier to fit in a workout.

I’ve been working out in the morning for several weeks now and I really love it. It’s nice to start my day knowing I’ve already worked out. I start my work day feeling accomplished rather than like I have a million things to do that won’t get done. I start out my day feeling energized and happy thanks to the rush of endorphins my workout provides.

If you’re not a morning exerciser, I recommend trying it. It’s something I avoided and didn’t think I could do but there are so many benefits to working out in the morning.

Morning Workout Motivation

I’m including some of my favorite morning exercise motivation below in case you need a boost. Peep it, print it, share it, and make it happen!

morning workouts burn more calories

Morning Workout Motivation: There’s rarely a bad time to exercise, but morning workouts have been proven to burn more calories.

more compliments for working out then sleeping in

Morning Workout Motivation: You’ll get a lot more compliments for working out than you will for sleeping in.

gym motivation for morning workouts

Morning Workout Motivation: Early. Just wake up and work it. Because honestly what is that extra hour rolling in your bed going to achieve compared to a solid workout?

morning exercise motivation - i will own my mornings

Morning Workout Motivation: I will own my mornings.

Happy morning workouts to you all! :) Do you workout in the morning or later in the day?

Health & Fitness Update

It’s been a while since my last health and fitness update. Maybe these will happen quarterly after all since it’s not something I remember to do that often and that’s usually when my fitness schedule changes anyway.

juju at shelby farms

Dog walking is exercise. I take JuJu to the Shelby Farms dog park when I can, like yesterday. It’s hilly enough that walking for an hour or so at a brisk pace is a decent workout and I count it as my exercise for the day. Luckily this week the weather has turned and warmed up so we should go more often.

spicy crockpot chili recipe

Chili is my favorite meal. Currently I’m still loving spicy crockpot chili. It’s so cheap, hearty, and packed with veggies. I think it’s my easiest way to convince myself to eat tomatoes and it’s what I’m eating for lunch today! I’m also making some turkey chili perhaps tomorrow.

13073 steps

Counting steps continues. I’m still wearing my Polar Loop and counting steps as many days as possible. It’s a great reminder to be active and a good way to make sure I’m staying accountable to my goals of moving enough every day. Sometimes it’s just taking breaks, sometimes it’s a long workout, sometimes it’s what I can when I can. It all adds up and my Polar Loop reminds me of that!

healthy stocking stuffer idea - exercise DVD

Working out at home. I’ve never been one for working out at home but I recently quit my gym membership and want to try it out since I have the extra space and I’d like to save money. I have weights and walk a lot with juju, so adding in a couple exercise DVDs could round out the process. I’ll report back after I’ve done it longer than just a week.

annual doctor appointment

Annual doctor appointments. I always have my yearly doctor appointments in December because it’s easy for me to remember to do before the year ends. After visiting for my annual checkups, I’m reassured that I’m doing well and still healthy. It’s nice to know since I can be a bit of a hypochondriac!



eatsmart scale

Weight is dropping. It’s slow, it’s soooo slow. But after the small spike upwards during the holidays I’m seeing the numbers going back down. This is something I want to continue all year long. I’m not looking for crazy fast progress since that usually backfires on me, so a nice steady trend downward is what I’d like. Half a pound a week will get me to a nice number and this is the year!

That’s my update for now! Hopefully you are all to a great start this year!