OMG, y'all. I'm 29. My birthday was yesterday and at the time I didn't think about my age. I just thought about it being my birthday and celebrating with those closest to me. Now that I'm writing a recap of my day I realize I'm 29. WOAH. I've been blogging here for ages at this point. I've blogged my way through ... read more

My Workout Buddy

After a particular hard or stressful work day, my favorite thing to do is spend time working out. Exercise is a great stress reliever and I find that exercising after my work day can make it feel a lot better than it was. If I can combine that exercise with sunshine and my dog, that makes it even better. Today I headed ... read more

17 Healthy Couscous Recipe Ideas

Couscous is quick to make and a great carb option due to it's versatility. It's also the basis of a lot of great recipes! Since I'm a new fan of couscous and want to use it more often, I decided to search out some of the most delicious couscous recipe ideas. Turns out, there are a ton of delicious ways to eat couscous! ... read more

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