13,656 Steps

Last night I went for a walk around the neighborhood at 11:30. It was a little unusual but I’m pretty committed to trying my hardest to get enough steps every day.

After wearing my Polar Loop Activity Tracker all day for my steps challenge I realized after the movie I watched I was 800 steps short of my goal. Luckily it was a nice night and walking down the street gave me more than enough steps! I took this picture after my walk with 15 minutes left in the day.

13656 steps with polar loop

Other activities from the day:

  • 30 minute elliptical workout at the gym
  • afternoon walk down the street with JuJu
  • extra trips to and from car
  • light chores like doing laundry

All of it added up to hit my goal! That’s my favorite part about doing a challenge with an activity tracker. You don’t necessarily have to be working out or doing something extreme to have it count. You just have to be moving. And moving more throughout the day is super beneficial to everyone, whether you want to lose weight or just be more active.

Polar Loop On Sale!

Little side note, I noticed the Polar Loop Activity Tracker is on sale on Amazon right now! You can save 25% off the regular price.

blue polar loop on sale

polar loop purple on sale


polar activity tracker loop on sale

Polar Loop Activity Tracker comes in multiple colors and is a pretty awesome little tool for tracking activity.

If you’ve been thinking about getting one, it’s only $74.99 instead of $99 right now. Now through Black Friday/Cyber Monday should be a great time for deals so keep your eyes open!

The Loop is my current activity tracker of choice, but all wearable tech and activity trackers will be on sale during this season so it’s a great time to buy. Whether you want a Loop or a Fitbit Flex or a Garmin Vivofit or a Jawbone UP there will be lots of sales like this coming along!

13,451 Steps

A week ago I challenged myself to wear my Polar Loop Activity Tracker and hit 13,000 steps daily to the end of the year. So far, I’ve sucked at meeting that challenge goal each day.

The first few days were me realizing how much more activity I needed to purposely add to my day to hit the steps goal. I hit between 8,000 and 10,000 steps in those first few days and just ran out of time to get more. It made me realize a few adjustments would be needed to get the right amount of steps each day. (Tracking my steps with the loop is enlightening if nothing else. You might think you are pretty active only to realize you hardly get enough steps in on several days of the week!)

The rest of the week was me getting knocked on my butt by a stomach virus. It was unexpected and I couldn’t do anything for 2.5 days due to sickness, then dehydration, then exhaustion. I was frustrated by the illness ruining my plans for this week, stopping me from achieving my goals, and just generally kicking my ass. Being sick is the worst. Take steps to prevent getting sick because lots of little viruses and colds are going around right now!

Today I finally felt better and back to my normal self for the most part. I started the day feeling confident that it was finally the day I would hit my steps goal.

Because of that mindset I went out of my way to add activity to my day. I parked farther away when I went places and went inside when I could have stayed in my car. I hit the gym for a twenty minute cardio session. I walked JuJu around my neighborhood.  I played a softball game. It was a pretty active day overall.

Now at the end of the day I’m signing off with my final step count:

13451 steps

I did it finally! Over 13,000 steps!

Now to put on my loop and do it over and over and over again until the new year starts and a new goal begins.

More Steps Please

polar loop activity tracker reviewMy daily steps challenge is off to a pretty weak start. I didn’t set an official start day though I should have picked today, a Monday. The past few days have been consumed by family activities as my brother got married this weekend. It was incredibly fun working to set up the wedding and I really enjoyed the experience of adding new family members to our clan.

However, all that awesomeness means that I haven’t yet hit my daily goal of steps. I didn’t wear my Polar Loop for a full day, but each day I’ve had a lot more steps counted than I normally would have otherwise. While it’s encouraging, I want to do better and actually hit that higher number I set for myself.

Positive things:

  • lots of steps even though I didn’t hit 13,000 once
  • challenge reminds me to move more
  • awareness of areas that need to improve

Things to improve:

  • getting in a daily workout at the gym
  • finding time and motivation for walks despite yucky weather
  • waking up earlier and go on a walk with juju
  • finding ways to get in activity at the end of the day


I think to hit my goal a daily workout has to be included. 30 minutes on the elliptical or a Zumba class will easily get me to 13,000 steps but without it I’ve struggled to get past the 10,000 range with additional activity.

I also realize now that updating daily won’t happen since I’m no longer a daily blogger and really don’t want to be. I will be tracking daily with my Polar Loop and I’ll try to update at least weekly with successes and failures.

I’m off now to get in more steps for my daily count today! It’s a Monday and I’m going to hit 13,000 no matter what!

End of Year Steps Challenge

I woke up this morning to icicles on my front porch and sleet covering my back steps. This icy cold weather does not have me very motivated to do much of anything other than turn up my heat and curl up under a blanket with a book. My desire to be warm and lazy has kicked in early. This is a problem.

With all the extra parties and indulgences coming up over the next month and a half, I can’t skimp on exercise. I need the extra activity to balance out a few well chosen delights and heavy meals. I need the activity to stay sane during all the holiday events. I need the daily activity to keep my progress and make more.

polar loop activity tracker reviewSince my softball season is ending and I’m struggling with the desire to go outside anyway, I’m thinking of trying to incorporate activity in another way: walking.

Walking is super easy. Sure it’s not very glamorous. It’s not a huge calorie burner either. But it adds up over the day and is easy to incorporate without much extra effort. For instance, I already walk JuJu so I can just walk her for a bit longer. I already have to park and walk into stores so I can just park farther away. I can walk inside easily even if it’s cold/snowy/sleety/icy outside.

That’s why I’m challenging myself to a daily steps challenge.

Daily Steps Challenge

For the rest of the year I will be wearing my Polar Loop Activity Tracker every day until the end of the year. Since I’m in the long sleeves and sweaters part of the year it’s very easy to conceal and will work perfectly.

I’ve been wearing my Polar Loop most days over the last few weeks and got a good baseline of my activity when worn. Since I want this to be something that is both challenging but achievable for me, I want to set my daily goal at 13,000 “steps”. This is a level that will earn me a “Well done, good amount of activity. This will really benefit your health!” in my Polar diary and it’s also something I can reasonably achieve on a daily basis.

Goal: 13,000 steps

(Note about the goal… I went back and forth between 13k and 15k and ended on the lower number since it’s one I’ve hit before on multiple days. It feels better and more achievable and I want to actually stick with it.)

Obviously I’d love to have anyone join me with this but it’s a purely personal challenge. I need something to stay accountable with through the rest of the year and this seems like an easy but effective way to do it. It can include hardcore workouts if the mood strikes me but it will also count all my walking and activity through the day. It’s a good motivator to move more!

If you would like to do the same thing alongside me, feel free to take my steps goal or make your own to fit your needs. All you need is a fitness tracker which can be in the form of a Polar Loop, or any of these fitness trackers:

Just grab one of them, wear it daily, and hit your goals! I’ll be posting every day to show my progress and stay accountable to this so feel free to just join me in the comments if you do it as well.

Food Favorites November 2014

Today I decided to share what foods I’m loving right now. I tend to get on a kick where I really, really love eating something and I’ll eat it over and over until I tired of it. These change somewhat month to month as I find new recipes or ideas that I love that stick.

Here’s what I’m loving this month:

Salads - I definitely go through periods where I love salads and periods where I hate salads. Right now I’m loving them! I’ve got a good system down where I buy a bag of romaine and a bag of chopped salad mix and then combine and separate into ziploc bags to be used as needed. These are so easy and it’s really nice to just pop out a salad and eat!

salad mix with dressing

Tacos – This is one food favorite that doesn’t wane like the others. Tacos are the perfect food in my opinion. Give me 2 tacos and a salad or other side and I’m a happy, happy girl. I tend to make tacos at home more than I eat them out since it’s easier to keep them healthy at home, but a good food truck taco is a worthy treat.


Smoothies – I cleared out some stuff in my kitchen and my newfound counter space meant I have room to make smoothies again! I love a good smoothie in a mason jar. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to make sure I get more than enough healthy fruit and veg in one day. My little personal blender makes just the right amount for a good morning smoothie!

smoothie on the go

Iced Coffee – Since it’s colder I thought I’d be switching to regular coffee but I’m still loving iced coffee. This is actually my coffee today, with the skim milk working it’s way in to the coffee. Starbucks usually is my Sunday Funday treat, but right now I’m using it as a sort of office. Hey, it’s a business expense…. :)


Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes – My boss turned me on to these rice cakes from Quaker because she was eating them often and loved them. I started using them too with a bit of peanut butter or almond butter and a banana. That’s actually what I ate for breakfast this morning and it was super tasty! I find this flavor to be the best and honestly the only rice cakes I eat.

apple cinnamon rice cakes

That’s what I’m loving right now! (And let’s be honest, I love these things pretty often!) I’m sure later this month I’ll be loving turkey and cranberry creations since that will be on my menu for a week or so. What about you? What are your food favorites right now?