Moving Toward Healthy Living Goals

Ask yourself with all actions: Is this bringing me closer to or further away from my healthy living goals?

Miz asked this on Twitter yesterday and it stuck in my head (as much of what she says does). I carried it around in my mind all day. Every time I started to eat, I asked myself if it was moving me closer to my healthy living goals. When I wanted to sit and be lazy, I asked myself if it was moving me closer to my healthy living goals. When I decided what I wanted to read, I asked if it was moving me closer to my healthy living goals. Every single thing I did was put under the same scrutiny.

And yesterday was a very good day.

It was a very healthy day. It was a day of very conscious living. If something moved me further away from those healthy living goals then I didn’t do it. If it moved me closer then I did. Pretty simple.

And what are those healthy living goals? Remember them? For me daily and long term healthy living goals:

  • eat clean and stay away from junk food
  • exercise 30+ minutes daily
  • weigh around 175 (my current goal weight)
  • run a 5k, then run them regularly
  • complete a triathlon
  • and live a life that inspires others (someone told me I was inspiring the other day so I decided to add this to my list of healthy lifestyle goals).

Maybe I’m only moving inch by inch toward them, but I’m moving.

So what about you? Are you questioning your actions? Have you thought about whether what you are doing right now is moving you closer to your healthy living goals?

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  1. I’ve definitely noticed the shift in you these last few days… I’m glad you’re finding your true motivation.

    You’re right, that is the real question. With food it’s a matter of asking whether this food will cleanse or clog you. I’m all about the cleansing!

    You’re doing great!

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  2. @Hanlie
    Yeah, I have. Totally been figuring it out, kinda like I’ve been waking up out of a coma I’ve been in for about a year (since I moved home).

    Thanks. :)

    Nothing you do is cheesy. You are the bomb. The end.

    Thanks! I’m making things pretty around here. I was going to update about the new look on Saturday. I know a lot of people don’t always come by, they just read in google reader or stop by occasionally. Which is totally cool!