Road Tripping and Posting

Surprise! Didn’t think you would hear from me until Saturday night, did you? Well it turns out there is not much to do in the backseat of a car for 10ish hours besides read, sleep, talk, and write blog posts.

Last night I went to the BEST gym. It was an all women’s gym in Chattanooga that my friend Dana uses. It is just like a normal gym except the clientele is all female and the place is beautiful. Seriously, this gym is gorgeous. I love my gym at home because it has great equipment, and I love the gym I worked at because it had character. (By character I mean it was generally falling apart.) Dana’s gym, Studio 360, is new and beautiful with all the right equipment too. They also have a movie theater room, where there are rows of exercise equipment in front of a huge screen that plays new movies every day. I didn’t get to use the movie theater gym area but I would love to have that option – it looked awesome! Being in such a great gym made me want to open up one of my own that women could LOVE. There actually might be a similar gym in my area, but I’m currently unaware of it.

This morning we bought our breakfasts at a gas station. For a few weeks I’ve been wanting a muffin and orange juice for breakfast so I finally bought it. When I got in the car and opened my muffin I realized that this was a huge mistake – the muffin had 690 calories! Oh NO! I ate half of it for breakfast and then the other half an hour later when I realized I was still hungry. It tasted yummy, but I regret eating it and wish I had skipped the craving for some fruit. Eating on the road can be hard and I’m not making it any easier on myself. I must learn to say no to something that has 42 FAT grams in a single serving. I honestly feel sick thinking about this. * gag * I decided on a super healthy lunch to balance out the muffin madness.

Alrighty.  We are spending the night in Harrisonburg, Virginia and then on to Pennsylvania. After that I’ll be in D.C. and then Chicago. Let me know in the comments what I should see in Washington D.C. (been there) and Chicago (never been). I’ve got at least 1.5 days in each city to do whatever I want, so let me know what I HAVE to do or just what your favorite things in each city are. I’ll make a list and try to do as much as possible. It’s going to be a fun week!

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  1. 690 calories? how is that possible in one muffin?! wow… there was an all womens gym when i lived in boston… and the curves line which is everywhere is one… but i dont know that sf has just a normal womens gym. prob if your area has one it doesnt have a movie room, thats cool. I don’t think id like a gym that’s only women though. My old gym in boston had a womens room and I never used it. I used the regular section. But that’s just weirdo me whos always with the guys lol. Women in the gym distract me too! Lol. Have fun in dc and chicago! I like dc, never been to chicago.

    merri’s last blog post..My new work/life resolution

  2. One of the gyms here in Memphis (French Riviera, I think) has the movie room, but it’s not a women’s only gym.

    Love Harrisonburg! Actually that whole drive up I-81 from TN through the Highlands is beautiful. ::fights jealousy::

    I’ll be in Chicago on Thursday afternoon. Weather permitting, I’ll be going for a good walk along the lake shore and the Navy Pier. Let me know if you’d like to join me.

  3. Holy Moley! That’s a ton of calories in one muffin! At least you didn’t eat it all for breakfast, then have a huge lunch and a gigantic dinner!

    We lived in DC and I loved all the memorials, but especially the Korean memorial where it says, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” You’ve probably been to all the Smithsonian Museums, but the Holocaust Museum is very moving.

    Have fun!

    Diane Fit to the Finish’s last blog post..Can You Lose Weight on Vacation?

  4. Mary, great job going to the gym. It sounds like a great one. I have been to both Chicago and Washington DC, but I don’t know what to tell you to go see. So many of us have different opinions about what is fun. Just enjoy yourself.

    South Beach Steve’s last blog post..Mild Gluttony

  5. How do companies manage to cram so many calories and fat grams into something like a muffin? It never ceases to amaze me!

    I have only been to D.C. once, and I was in middle school and remember little about it except the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which really moved me.

    erin’s last blog post..Friday Five: Scripture

  6. I used to work for a company that supplied baking products and ingredients. We made a very popular muffin mix and I have not eaten a muffin since. You know what makes muffins so moist (for long after the baking). Oil! Lots and lots of oil.

  7. sounds like an amazing gym! I’d love to check that out.
    As for the muffin, those are sneaky. It’s very hard to eat healthy on the road. I’m traveling to Virginia next weekend. I’ll make sure to pack some Fiber One muffins just in case! Last time I made this trip, it was the Pretzel Sandwich and Whoopie Pie from Sheetz that did in my weekend. I’m planning a much healthier road trip this time. Sounds like you did great staying on plan otherwise. Good for you!

    Diane’s last blog post..We Could All Move To Venus

  8. Oh I’ve got advice for DC! The American history museum is fun, the spy museum sounds cool but is overrated. If you want to go super duper serious the holocaust museum is SO powerful. There are so many places to walk. The mall through the memorials, the Jefferson memorial and the FDR memorial are my faves, they are on the tidal basin. For food stuff, Poste (inside hotel monaco) is a fun drinks place, great atmosphere. Open City in Woodley Park is great, the zoo is a great place to walk and is free. The Congressional Visitors center is newly opened so I’ve never been there but I saw it under construction and it was impressive. Congressional tours are fun if you can do that. Old Town alexandria is a fun place to walk around with cute little restaurants. Bethesda is also a cute little downtown. If you are there on a weekend morning go to Eastern Market (a metro station close to an outside market). It’ll be HOT. And wear your sneakers, it’s not worth it to wear cute shoes. Have fun and take pictures!

    MackAttack’s last blog post..Brown Monster

  9. Man, that gym sounds COOL! Wish I had that one when I am doing my cardio!!! Glad you got to work out there!

    YUP, those muffins can be deadly…. & especially the ones in packages at the gas station! At least you recognize it & ate healthier later so that is the key.. back to it!

    You are going to have tons of fun on this road trip! How exciting. I was in DC way too many years ago.. 8th grade.. so I can’t offer up any advice since it has been so long! Diane had some good points on things to see!

    Keep enjoying!

  10. I’d love to make Chicago recommendations since I grew up there and happen to think it’s a fantastic place, but i just found your blog and don’t know what kind of things you’re into.
    A lot of people LOVE the architecture tour.
    I love Wrigley Field – a must if you’re a baseball fan.
    In the north suburbs there’s a fantastic botanical gardens and a gorgeous B’hai Temple (I believe in Highland Park and Wilmette, respectively). It looks like it’s made of lace and they have beautiful gardens.
    Uno’s or Baccinos are my picks for pizza. Devon Avenue has the best authentic Indian (esp. Tiffin).
    If you’re into art – the Art Institute is one of the best – Chicago has great museums and theatre too.
    My favorite bakery in the whole world is called The Swedish Bakery near Foster and Clark in Andersonville – anything with marzipan is to die for! (not trying to sabotage your diet…)
    One last thing – near that bakery but on Ashland is a little theatre called the Neofuturarium. They do a show called Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind it’s 30 sketches in 60 minutes I think – very quirky and entertaining.
    Have fun!

    Rachel’s last blog post..It’s my birthday!

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun…except for the deadly muffin. So much fat and calories packed into such a yummy circle of wonderful…maybe next lifetime I’ll have the body of a model and a metabolism that doesn’t quit. haha

    Have fun!!

    scale junkie’s last blog post..Updating

  12. Muffins are most definitely EVIL! I had lunch at Mimi’s Cafe yesterday and I once looked up their nutritional info on line. HOLY CRAP!! I think there was only one muffin on their menu that was less than 700 calories. But oh my, when they come to the table steaming because they are just out of the oven……EVIL, I tell you!!!!! :-D

    The Air & Space museum is definitely my favorite site in DC. My daughter loved all of downtown Chicago when she went to visit her aunt & uncle there. I haven’t been yet, but would really like to!

    I might consider joining a gym if it had a movie room, but I can’t see myself working out for 2 hours to see a whole movie. Oh, wait, I have a widescreen TV in the same room as my treadmill and bike. I do SO have a movie room at my gym! Membership is a little steep! LOL

    MamaBearJune’s last blog post..Another sunny day in paradise!

  13. Sorry about the attack of the evil muffin. :( Gas station breakfasts always spell disaster for me too. It’s so hard just to grab a peice of fruit when there are baked goods. :/

    Hope Sat and Sunday were better. ♥