A Bits And Pieces Update On Life

Today’s post is just a little check in, for the healthy you challenge, which is all about living a healthy lifestyle regardless of specific goals.  It is an ongoing challenge both collectively and personally to become a healthier version of yourself. (It’s what you make it basically… like all things in life.)

Weight: I’m holding steady, relatively, at the end weight from my Biggest Loser Challenge.  Weight loss since then?  ZERO.  Not up, not down, just chilling.  I’m monitoring my weight, but like I said before, I’m not really obsessed about losing right now.  I have a feeling it will happen in the next couple of months with my new adventure coming up.  So this month I will be satisfied to just be as healthy as possible without worry about the weight issue.

Exercise: Yesterday I walked 2.25 miles before I cracked under the heat and lack of water.  My body doesn’t like heat at all, so I’m surprised I got that far on my walk.  Some people love hot weather but I am not one of them.  Memphis in August is my least favorite time of year because of the oppressive  heat and humidity.  My skin is super sensitive to the heat and sun which means I can barely ever workout outside.  I’m not a sissy or anything – it literally makes me sick.  After my walk yesterday I had a headache for hours despite medicine and plenty of water.  The heat won that match.  Today I will workout inside if I can.

Food: Yesterday was a great food day.  I made some Hungry Girl food (post about that coming up Thursday!)!  I ate a banana, an apple, grapes – a whole lot of fruit!  I also experimented with using alfalfa sprouts in my tuna wrap I made.  My first encounter with sprouts was at Jason’s Deli last week when I had a chicken/lite ranch/guacamole/sprouts sandwich.  It was freakin delicious and I decided sprouts can be part of a sandwich.  Besides the addition of sprouts I have also decided to move more towards being vegetarian.  I’m trying right now to eat one or two meals a day without meat as a transition period.  Mmmm, veggies!!

Life: I’m enjoying things so much right now.  This past weekend was so much fun spending time with my friends while they are in town.  I did a lot drinking and ate a lot of calorific food, like this beautiful dessert from Chili’s:

Delicious looking, right?  Luckily we split this 1600 calories dessert between us.  And it was delicious.  Mmmm, I’m happy just thinking about it!   Tonight should be more fun friend time since I’m off to play poker with everyone.  I’m a terrible poker player but I enjoy being the goofy one that doesn’t care about the game.  I’m definitely the comedic relief for the table while I’m playing and then I’m the all time dealer.  Good times!

The other day a cool girl sent me the best message on Twitter:

I’ve been browsing your blog and I have to tell you, you fascinate and inspire me.

Way to live boldly.

Woah. I don’t know how to respond to things like that because to be honest I don’t even think of myself as living boldly.  I am just trying my best to overcome my own shortcomings to live in a way that feels right to me.  I don’t want anything to hold me back – not weight, not social anxiety, nothing.  I want to be that person that doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what she wants.  If I manage to be that person and also manage to inspire one or two of you to do the same thing then I will be happy with my efforts.

But enough about me.  It’s always about me, isn’t it?  What about you?  How are you doing this week?  How was your weekend? Full of yummy treats or good weigh ins or lots of fun exercise?  My hope is that everyone out there is blogland is doing well. :)

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  1. August is Memphis’ worst month, for shore. I get my outdoor activities on either way early in the day or way late in the day. Any other time, just walking out to check the mail can be too much…

  2. Such a cool message on your Twitter page! I agree.. your ability to try new places, quit the job & go.. not a lot of people have the guts to do that! I wish I had some of that in me when I was young!

    Congrats on weight maintenance. That is a good thing!

    On outside exercise.. are you a morn person. I get out just as it is getting light when I do my outside jogs…. I love it & no cars & such out or not so many.. just biting dogs & I am careful now!!!

    Week is going OK. I get my gray covered Thursday so looking forward to that! My one indulgence… having a real person do my hair. Too hard with hair as curly as mine to try to do it myself!

  3. Me? I just ate the chocolate cake my kid got at a birthday (he didn’t want it). But ask me again tomorrow. I’ll be doing better then. I start from scratch.

  4. Sigh, yummy treats is right. This weekend, my whole fam and I went to one of those casino/hotels (They’re big here in SD, and with Filipinos :P) and we had a buffet at dinner… then another buffet for breakfast! Needless to say, I’m never eating at a buffet again if I can help it. It’s just too much, I felt like such a glutton (is that the noun version of gluttony? O_O)… and it did NOT make me feel good, as I proceeded to feel like my food baby was ready to come out any second throughout the whole weekend. And think I’m still recovering… My stomach hasn’t been the same since. Blehhh foooood… Why must we excess?

    Hehe, you asked! ;) Glad you’re hanging out with friends and having fun, Mary dearest. Talk to you again soon! Love you!

  5. That message must have really made you feel good. It would have me, that is for sure. By the way, I had to turn my head when I saw that dessert picture. It looked scrumptious!

  6. I don’t do well in heat either. So I love living in the mountains. The humidity is usually low and rarely does the temp get above 90.

    The way you describe living definitely IS bold!

    My weekend was awesome with a full day at the gun range on Sunday. WOOT!

  7. Jojo
    Glad you had a great weekend love! I totally understand what you mean about buffets. I don’t think I’ve ever left one feeling very good.

    It did! It was the best thing anyone has ever told me.

  8. If I could pick anything and it would be magically calorie free, I would picka honkin slice of new york cheesecake with cherry topping. No graham cracker crust though, regular pie crust all the way and a dollop of real whipped cream….okay, done now…time for some fage and honey. It’s all good.

  9. souns you have it all together! Way to go.

    I have a question comment on your problems with heat and water. and I quote

    “before I cracked under the heat and lack of water. My body doesn’t like heat at all,”

    I agree with Jody, why not wal at those times during the day when it is coolest. As for lack of water, I do hope you bring it with you? A 2.5 mile walk on a hot sweltering day means you need to drink constantly while you walk. Water shortage is most likely your biggest reason for having a headache. I don’t know if you do drink water during the day at regular intervals. But doing so will make sure your body is “equipped” enough to fight the heat by sweating, drinking during your walk will help fight it too.

    If I have stated the obvious and you are doing all that, then you are indeed a person with a heat problem. Maybe indoors jogging at the gynm is an idea?



  10. @Willow
    I forgot my water bottle. Yes I did intend to bring it with me. I do drink a lot of water throughout the day and drank quite a bit before leaving, but I definitely just forgot my bottle. As for the time I was walking – that was the only time I had to go. It wasn’t the hottest part of the day, but it was still pretty hot. There was a breeze which kept me okay for the first mile, but like I said – my body doesnt like heat – so I couldn’t keep going. The headache was definitely due to both lack of water and heat. So yeah. It sucked that it lasted so long afterwards.

  11. enough about you :)
    thats why we come.
    and to see you in lovely dresses which, while may not be to YOUR LIKING YET, are flattering and fab.

  12. I had to laugh when I was reading about the healthy sprouts and you working towards becoming a vegetarian, and then there was the picture of dessert! Great visual picture! LOL!

    You are doing great, and the twitter message is right – you are living life bold! I always enjoy reading what you are doing.

  13. I have the same issue. I’m bleach white and I burn to a crisp. I also get sunstroke just barely being in the sun. This is why I gave up the beach entirely, just never was fun for me to get burned, a headache and feel like I’m going to pass out. Luckily in my neighborhood there are so many trees I can go for a walk, not that I have been.

  14. Sprouts are great in sandwiches/wraps!

    Good job on the walk even though it was so hot out- make sure you’ve got some water next time ;)

    Glad that you’re having so much FUN.