Hip, hip, hurray Monday! And photos!

Hip, hip, hurray Monday! And photos!

For some reason I’ve spent the majority of today thinking this is a great Monday. Maybe it’s because I woke up for the first time hating a Monday and didn’t want to feel that way (yeah, I brain trick myself). Maybe it’s because it was supposed to rain all day and it hasn’t. Maybe it’s because every Monday starts a brand new week and I’m excited about all the possibility that it holds even if the first day is hard to get through. Besides, why waste a day in a bad mood when all my weeks here are flying past? I’m already on my fourth week here at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

If I was a normal participant here I would probably be entering my last week. I would be preparing to go home and get back into the “real world.” I think four weeks here is a great amount of time to stay. I feel like the concepts have been implanted in my mind and have grown roots and mixed with the things I already knew and believed. I feel better in my body with a few more pounds off it and my head is clearer without all the distractions that exist at home. If a retreat is what you need then this is a great place.

My second assessment is this week on Friday. I’m hoping to make this coming week as good as I can and have a super great check in at the end of the week. I want to get in more exercise while I’m here and have the chance. I missed out on doing a lot the last two weeks because I didn’t feel good or feel like working out for all such reasons. (It’s just not fun when you have a cold.) I still did plenty for how I was feeling but I want to make sure that this week is the best it can be since I feel the best I can feel.

In the words of my favorite personal trainer at the Y in Memphis, “Get it girl.”

And now, for some photos that I finally got from another person here:

On the step waiting during lower body conditioning.

On a Vermonting that same day… I wear a lot of pink, eh?

The group here during my second week, minus Rosanna.  They are awesome!

So there is a little glimpse into my activities here.  Classes, Vermontings, and cool peeps. Weekends are normally more varied, but I didn’t do any exercise yesterday besides walking while shopping, so all I have to include now is Sunday’s meals. It was a nice day off from doing much of anything at all. :)

Sunday’s Meals:

sunday927breakfastsunday927lunchsunday927lunch2sunday927snacksplit3wayssunday927dinnersunday927dessertNot pictured: another slice of waffle with breakfast and milk, and a small bag of reese’s pieces. Mmm.

Monday’s Meals:


Monday’s Moves:

1 hour upper body weight class

1 hour low impact step class

How was your Monday? Are you a fan of Mondays or do you just push through them knowing better days are coming?

17 thoughts on “Hip, hip, hurray Monday! And photos!

  1. Mandy (@Fitter_Mandy)

    I love that you take pics of your meals…maybe I should do the same! I dunno that they’d be as pretty as yours :)

    I share your Monday thinking…the part where it’s a brand new week! I’m trying to make the most of mine :)

  2. MB

    I’m glad you are feeling better.

    My Monday was great but only because I decided to play hookey and not go to work. If I went to work today I would be miserable and wishing the week away, counting the hours ’til 5:00.

  3. Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit

    Sometimes my weekends are so hectic that I’m actually looking forward to Mondays. If you enjoy what you do, Mondays don’t hold that sense of dread that it does for some folks. A good argument, I suppose, for finding something that you enjoy doing.

    Awesome pics, Mary. Now kick that workout routine up a notch!

  4. Jody - Fit at51

    OK, hand over that food! I LOVE THE PICS, both food & the beauty so thank you so much! And so glad you are feeling better!!!!

    I was NOT a fan of Monday when I was working.. :-) BUT exercise wise, I love it cause it is an all weight day for me & no cardio!!! I am not a fan of cardio but I do it.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Janet

    I generally dislike Mondays, and if I am going to take a day off work, it will for sure be a Monday! Fridays, I love. Unfortunately, I did work today, and it was not one of my better Mondays. Thanks for the inspiring post. Maybe I can learn to look at Mondays more positively.

  6. merri

    Usually im not a fan of mondays because work piles up over the weekend. Sometimes, weekends are boring, and I look forward to mondays. But often times I am tired and just want another days rest instead of getting up for the office :)

  7. Tina2967

    Monday’s just plain suck. I like that you were tricking yourself into liking them, I’m going to try that! Have a good week in Vermont, such a beautiful place.

  8. Paula

    Wow, it’s true what they say about Vermont being so beautiful! :) So glad that you are blogging about your weight loss journey! I also love that you are taking pics of your food (which looks pretty amazing actually) and laying everything out so nicely here.

    For the most part, I would say that I am a fan of Mondays although certainly not always the case. I like to get organized for the week on Sunday night with the weekly goals and all and hit Mon full speed ahead. Of course, some Mondays I find myself doing everything BUT my to-do list! lol

    Keep up the great work…looking forward to reading more.

  9. Christiane

    It is not the way that I really dislike Mondays. But the weekends passes by like nothing and at the beginnig of every week I wish the weekend would be a little bit longer ;)

    I wish you a nice Tuesday and a good time.

  10. Willow

    I never really give the days of the week much thought. I love my life, and on the whole every day is a party; whether it is because it is an easy layed back day, or a hectic challenging day.

    Of course weekends are a little different in that I take care of chores, go to the gym at different times and generally just do as I please.

    But do I have a special feeling for monday? No not really



    PS: love the photographs of you. I think “me”photographs are important, they help you focus and accept. There are years of my life where not a single photogrpah of me was taken, Now I regret that. Won’t happen again.

  11. Mary Post author

    That’s so great! I love your outlook on life.

    And yeah I try to get a lot of pictures of me, but usually I’m the one behind the camera so it doesn’t always happen. I’m glad you know that me pictures are a good thing!

    No, that’s not bad at all. Toddler free time to write sounds like a really good thing for you! Hurray mondays!

  12. Roni

    I’m the queen of mind tricks… hey.. whatever works to get you in a better mood. It’s all about taking control.

    It look like you are having a wonderful time. I love the one of you on the trail! So Beautiful!

  13. Mary Post author

    Thanks! I think I wear it all the time because I never did as a kid. I was always dressed like my brothers, so now I gravitate toward girly stuff.

    Yes! Mind tricks! You gotta do what do gotta do! ;)