Pumpkin Carving, Memory Lane and CANDY

This weekend we went to get pumpkins and then had some pumpkin carving fun!  I had the perfect shaped pumpkin.  I wanted to make it cute, but a lady here told me to go scary so I tried:

It looks pretty scary when lit:

Almost like a shark pumpkin.  Ahhhh!  Hehe.  I think that satisfied my desire to carve a pumpkin for the next few years.

Another highlight of my weekend was a quick trip to Grantham, NH, where my family lived for one year while I was in middle school.  I had free time between driving gigs and it was only 15 minutes away, so I took a little stroll down memory lane. It was fun to see the places I went, my mom’s bank, my school, the lake I lived next to.  It’s a very little town but I remember it being much bigger.  And I don’t remember scarecrows being EVERYWHERE.

They were everywhere.  It was crazy.  It looked like people were walking around the town at first and then I realized that it was scarecrows.  They are very into the fall/Halloween spirit.  It almost made me want to start decorating my own room for halloween but instead made me start thinking about trick-or-treating.  I loved Halloween for the costumes and the CANDY.  Mmm, every sweet tooth’s dream holiday.  Especially when you have three brothers…. all the candy you can rake in!  So my trip down mempry lane started at the lake where I canoed and ice-skated and ended with memories of candy-hauls.

The candy thoughts led me to buy some peanut m&m’s at the gas station as my option for the week.  Yummm!  I loved them.  I used to like getting the snack size packs in my halloween candy.  I would always get rid of the more fruit candy and tootsie rolls (yuck) in exchange for some chocolate candy.  Too bad I am too old for trick or treating this year. ;)  Halloween might be overdoing it – no one needs BAGS of candy – but it is nice to enjoy some yummy sweet candy guilt free.

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Mine is definitely the little individually wrapped cute Reese’s peanut butter cups.  Yumms.  I may have to dress up and pretend trick-or-treat just to get some (they are better when recieved than bought).

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  1. says

    M&M’s win for me. I loved it when they came out with them in fall colors. Perfect for filling up candy bowls but then too bad for me because I’d eat them and have to refill them again and again!

  2. says

    Ditto the little Reese’s PB Cups. The chocolate tastes somehow different in them vs. the big pb cups and I love the ratio of pb to chocolate:) My challenge this year is that I seriously don’t even want to put a single one in my mouth – I know I won’t be able to stop!! My little girl will be t-or-t-ing for the first time and we’re sending all of the candy with my husband to work the next day except few special pieces that she picks and the stuff we don’t like!

    LOVE that pumpkin!

  3. says

    Grantham is very quaint. It was a fun place to live. ;)

    Hehe, I like the teeth too. Makes me think of a shark.

    Oh, good luck with that. I know I love them so I’ll eat a few. :) It is hard to stop when you love something, but it can be done. Hopefully. I’ll report back and let ya know, haha. Have fun with your little girl! That’s so much fun!

  4. Lois J. Thompson says

    My Mary, loved the pictures of Grantham, the boys will to, wish there were more, maybe later? I do not remember the scarecrows either, I am just trying to remember October up there, the beauty of it is all I remember.
    What is up with your friend Jack, what a warped mind! Ha.
    Love ya baby, great check in!!!!!!!!!

  5. says

    I just always love the pics. I grew up in the east so all the quaintness brings back memories… like going trick or treating with a pillow case AND going home, dumping it out & back for more!!! Hmmmmmm, no wonder I was overweight! Me, I hate to say but I love candy corns!!!!! I know, bad! This is now, When I was young, I liked it all!!!!!!

    By the way, love your pumpkin!!!!!! I really do miss how everyone got in the spirit when I lived in small towns back east when I was young!

  6. says

    Maybe you can find a kid and go trick or treating. I went through high school with my sister and then even a couple of yrs in college with my cousin. I’m actually not a halloween candy fan. I’d mostly give it away to my brother and sister. (same with easter, except for PEEPS! MMM). My peanut allergy didn’t come on all at once, and was later, so when I was littler and could eat them, reese’s peanut butter cups were probably my favorite as well. I miss them! Ps love your pumpkin especially what you did with its teeth, and those scarecrows are really cool. I’m surprised to read that some of my fellow commenters love candy corn..ive never met anyone who did and I think there was a joke on some show like family guy or something about how they make it for this weird purpose to be recycled, since no one eats it. Good to find out its not true!