Ask Mary Anything: Green Mountain Edition

Make sure you check out my blog post on A Weight Lifted, which is Green Mountain at Fox Run’s blog. I conducted a little “mindful eating experiment” where I didn’t eat mindfully at all.  The results were somewhat surprising to me although I should have expected it.  So go read how I learned that mindful eating is important.

And now, for the question and answer time!  Just one question today.

That question is from Joanna who asked:

Tell us, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since arriving at Green Mountain?

Hard question.  I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been at Green Mountain.  Some of the things I’ve learned have been because of the program, some from other people, and some from myself, like the mindful eating lesson I wrote about today on A Weight Lifted.

If I have to choose something, I would say the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I need to tune in.  I need to tune in to what my body is saying, what is happening in my life, what I’m thinking and feeling.  A lot of the reasons why I struggle with weight is because of the bad coping mechanisms I developed to deal with stress and bad emotional situations.  I eat to avoid what I’m feeling or what is happening.  I eat to make myself disconnect.  I eat to make sure I don’t feel anything bad.  I eat because food is good and comforting and makes me forget about other things.  So the biggest lesson I’ve learned was that I need to stop doing it.

I already sort of knew that.  It’s easy to know things in your head and much, much harder to put them into practice.  But my whole experience here has been about learning how to tune in to the things and situations where I previously shut down and turned to food.  I’m not perfect at it yet, but I’ve definitely made progress. I’ve learned ways to deal and destress and cope in better ways.  And I KNOW that I need to listen to my body.  It’s a much better indicator of what I need than my mind sometimes.

So my biggest lesson has been to listen to myself…. To listen to what my body is saying and what it feels and needs and why it feels that way….  To listen to the thoughts in my own mind and don’t discard them if they are rough…

To tune in to my life instead of disconnecting.

Lesson learned.

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  1. Be careful listening to what your body says all the time; mine says “Give me a bowl of Cheetos and let’s go watch a Sanford & Son marathon.”

    Sometimes, you gotta make your body listen to you.

  2. I saw your tweet about no comments…so I thought I’d cheer you up. Listen to your body, your mind AND your heart. one of them is bound to be right!

  3. This is a good lesson. Thanks for sharing. I let my head get in the way of what my body needs too. I’m working on it though. Tuning in is important. Burying our heads in the sand (or in food) doesn’t make the stress go away. It just makes it worse. I need to remember that.

  4. Jack has a good point and a very funny way of sharing it. Living a healthy lifestyle the vast majority of the time, though, makes the body pretty trustworthy. And who says a bowl of Cheetos and a Sanford and Son marathon is always a bad idea?

    Great for you, Mary, that you’re learning this so early in life. I was much, much older by the time I figured this out. And much the worse for it, too.

  5. I think most of us could benefit from listening to our bodies more often (except maybe Jack Sh*t. hehe Just kidding.) I’m trying to learn those things too, and trying to form good habits.
    It sounds like your experience there, overall, has been positive so far. Keep it up.

  6. That is a hard lesson! I have the worst time listening to my body sometimes. I eat too fast so I don’t let my body give me the opportunity to slow down and understand when it’s content. And, when I workout, I let my inner voice tell me that I’m tired get in the way. I need to shut down my head and listen to my body more often.

    Thanks, Mary!

  7. First time visitor. Love the variety of articles and posts you have here. If one more person is inspired to take their health and fitness seriously, then all the hard work putting this blog together was worth it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am so into listening to the bod! Jack had a good point BUT in terms of going forward with weight loss, exercise & body changing with age & hormones, this has been my godsend! I learned this quite a few years ago & it has helped me during my body changing times! Even now, with the newest changes that are frustrating me, knowing my bod & listening to it will eventually get me there.

    Great post here & over at Weight Lifted!

  9. What a great lesson to learn! It’s so much easier to bury our heads in the sand and avoid the problems and stressors in life, but once we do acknowledge them, everything else becomes so much easier, doesn’t it? Tuning in to what’s really going on makes finding the solutions a lot simpler, at least for me. The problems that seemed so huge aren’t really all that hard to tackle, once I can just focus on them and find a way to break them down into more manageable bits.