Ask Mary Anything: Final Edition

Last night I went out and had a glass of white wine, a shot (slippery nipple), 2 vodka and redbulls, some bread with garlic, and a delicious serving of chicken alfredo of which I ate most.  Mmmm.  Fun times.  Gotta have a little fun and indulgence now and again, no?

Anyway, today is the last edition of Ask Mary Anything for this go around!  YAY!  It really did take me a week to answer all the questions.  So thanks to everyone who asked me something.  I’ve enjoyed answering them and sharing things that YOU want to know.

TB–Milwaukee asked:

Do you joke about your weight, ever put yourself down?

I do joke about my weight or body parts, but it’s usually not in a way that is overly negative, or negative at all really.  I have enough people in my life to put me down that I’ve learned I don’t need to do it myself.  In high school I used to joke about my weight all the time.  It was like a preventative measure. I knew that if I made the first move and made a joke or two about my weight it wouldn’t hurt as much if someone else did it because I “allowed” them to after I had done it.  Crazy thought process, but that’s how it went.  Now if I make jokes about my weight, which is rare, its honestly just to get a laugh or to make myself laugh and would never be as insulting as anything I used to say.

100in12 asked:

What are your pet peeves? (like the really silly totally irrational ones)

Ack!  I’ve got a lot, actually, but when put on the spot I can’t think of any.  Oh, wait, one really irrational one – I hate it when people clips their fingernails or toenails.  Seriously.  I know, I do it too, but I freaking can’t stand when someone does this around me.  Bah!  We will just leave it at that one for now.

Miz asked:

Whats the one think about you that you think would surprise us readers the most?

Hmmm.  Surprising?  Well, I’m a good girl, so one thing that surprises people when I tell them is that I was suspended in high school for vandalism.   Oops.

South Beach Steve asked:

What is the single greatest moment of your journey to healthiness thus far?

I honestly haven’t had a single moment where it’s been “the greatest moment” of the journey.  As it is in fact a journey there have been highs and lows and there will still be more.  I’ve had a lot of great moments, like the first time I ran two miles (for me it was amazing), or the time I bumped up in an aerobics class and it still felt easy, or the time where I went snowboarding for a whole day and didn’t feel winded at all or this whole Green Mountain experience. I’ve been at various weights and various levels of athleticism over the last five years, but it’s been a great journey.  No matter where I was during that time I have always been healthier than I was before I started and that fact is the greatest part of my journey.  I’ve haven’t and never will go back.

Thank you for reading and thanks for asking the questions!  I enjoyed it!

That’s it for me. I’m off to spend the weekend with friends and shopping.

Hope the weekend is amazing for everyone!!  What are YOUR plans?  Anyone actually CHRISTMAS SHOPPING yet?

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  1. @Jody – Fit at almost 52
    Thank YOU! Hehe.

    I think that’s why a lot of people do it. Good job for moving on and not making jokes about it. That’s a big thing.

    Hey, that’s a great idea! It always helps to have a buddy around to keep you motivated. I definitely think you can make the week a good one if you want it to be.

    Hehe, I started christmas shopping today too. ;)

    @South Beach Steve
    Oh no! Disappointed? Hehe. Yeah, its the one thing I know people get shocked over when I tell them.

    @Diane Fit to the Finish
    Aww, thank you so much! That suspension was for the time I took a sharpie to a table and started drawing on it during geometry class. I never enjoyed the class because the teacher was terrible and i was a freshman in with a bunch of seniors. So I started drawing big stuff and got suspended for “vandalism” – it was silly.

  2. Ya know, that’s probably the same reason I always made fun of myself, so I’d beat others to the punch. Never thought of it that way. Haven’t told a joke or made fun of my weight for a LONG time, probably because I feel a lot different about the way I look now than I did when I was 275.

  3. I have not started Christmas shopping yet, but I have contemplated it. I may actually start next week, because I’ll be at a conference near an outlet mall. I fear for my diet next week, as I’ll be very busy and not have much control over what I’m fed. But I made a deal with a buddy to walk whenever we have breaks! Progress!

  4. I am christmas shopping..isn’t that crazy. I live in Oz and am deciding to get stuff for my family here while I am here. I think it’s kinda fun to bring them home stuff from Oz. Although it A LOT cheaper to get stuff in America.

  5. christmas shopping, ugh. I actually had to tell my kids to start writing a list cause they hadn’t even started one yet. This year has really slipped by. Well, at least the majority of us are healthier. Right. Awesome, next year we can look back and be glad we started.

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  7. Mary, I’ve enjoyed these Ask Mary Anything posts.Thanks for sharing. And yes, I’ve started Christmas shopping. When you see something, get it, because it won’t be there when you go back…

  8. Oh too funny about your pet peeve. I’m fine with nails being clipped near me if I’m in a nail salon. Anywhere else is unacceptable, and I’d actually rather never know it happened. My hubby has learned to go OUTSIDE on the porch to cut his nails — fingers or toes — since it grosses me out so much. He did in the bathroom once while I was at work and I found part of a nail on the floor and felt like I’d throw up in my mouth. If it’s absolutely freezing out or he has one particular nail that needs immediate attention, he can do it if he’s out of sight and more importantly out of earshot — I have to crank up the TV and be at least one story away from him in the house. It’s just disgusting to me. I wish nails maintained themselves. But nail filing in public doesn’t bother me, nor nail painting. I don’t like seeing nail biting but it doesnt’ really bug me. Not even close to the way I hate clipping.