Make Those Muscles Ache!

Like I said yesterday, I love kickboxing. I love everything about it. I even love the fact that the next day my muscles will feel it like they do right now. (Oww.) I love that when I wake up I will be sore. I love knowing that my body has worked so hard that the muscles can’t help but ache.

I made the comment on Twitter that with the way I was feeling, I kicked my own ass yesterday.

jeepjenn replied, “well…would you have gone if it was called “kick my ass boxing”? I think not!”

Well, actually I would have.  I did.

I went into class knowing that I would be sore today. I went into class knowing I was going to punch hard and work hard. I went into class knowing I would be beating myself up. And I wanted that.

I love the feeling of muscle soreness the day or two after a good workout. Don’t you? Isn’t it nice to know that the ache is for a good cause?

Today at Green Mountain’s blog I wrote about needing more intensity in my workouts at this stage. I’ve moved past the point where just any exercise is enough and I’ve reached a point where most basic cardio options are easy. I’ve reached the point where I have to bump it up to get a good workout in.

I’m really excited about this fact.  I’m excited about the fact that I now go to classes knowing I’m going to kick my own ass and then I do it.  I am excited about the fact that I have to work to make exercise harder for myself because my body has adapted to all the exercise.  I’m excited that I like to make my muscles ache.

I’m also happy that even though my body feels it, I’m not stopping.  I still did upper body conditioning and an arm intensive water aerobics class today.   Achy muscles still must be used.  I’m refuse to use the soreness as an excuse.  I’ve used enough excuses in my life.  I’m done with those.

So I’m going to keep working hard and making my muscles ache.  I’m going to keep pushing, especially while I am still here at Green Mountain at Fox Run.  I’m going to make these last three weeks count.  If you need me, leave a comment, because I’ll probably be working out again.

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  1. What a great attitude you have. I just started working out with a personal trainer and he told me that when people aren’t making progress, it usually is because they aren’t challenging themselves enough. You definitely have that motivation to get ahead. You are a real inspiration!

  2. ahhh– i love, love, love muscle soreness! i was excited to move up to level 2 on shred so that i’d actually be sore again.

    nothing makes me feel like a strong woman like when i’m sore as heck and i got kick my own ass in a workout. yay :)

    my challenge now is pushing myself hard enough to get sore. how do you push yourself harder?

  3. I love kickboxing, for the reasons you mentioned, and to burn off aggression, bad mood, overall pissiness. I love hiking/walking/biking around town, but it’s not intense enough. I do kickboxing, step, or zumba a few times a week, body sculpt a few times a week, and walk/bike on my days off. I don’t get sore anymore, either because I’m very used to it by now, or I take baths and it helps.

  4. Girl I’m getting tired just listening to you. Nah, i”m just kidding. I love kickboxing too. I just can’t stand it in one of those sauna rooms where you can’t breathe. That’s really cool how you are stepping it up.

  5. @Karen
    I like your trainer already, hehe. Yeah, to progress we have to challenge ourselves! We just have to do it!

    It is an awesome place. For the women who are here just for a retreat/experience I am sure it is even better!! Good luck with your event – sounds intense!!

    At first I had to talk myself into it. I was really good, and am still really good, at talking myself into “going easy on myself” because I’m tired or feel lazy. What I do now is just talk myself up in the opposite way of how I always talked myself out of it. I tell myself I need to do it and it will feel better afterwards, and usually once I get started with something I just naturally want to do it as hard and as good as possible. Since I am a competitive person I also sometimes pick someone good in class and act like I’m competing against them to do better. However fast they go I have to go fast, etc. It just pushes me to go harder if I wasn’t able to do it on my own.

    Your comment totally inspired me to take a hot bath and it totally helped with the soreness. Way to go on all your exercise! That’s great!!

    LOL! Believe me, by the end of the day I’m definitely tired. I think I would die in a hot room doing kickboxing. I always try to stand in the spot by the air conditioner or a fan… keeps me from overheating. Hehe. Thanks!

  6. I am LOVING your kick ass attitude! It’s contagious – and makes me really want to hit the gym tonight. Been in an exercise funk since I hurt my arm almost 2 weeks ago so it’s definitely time I just get back into the swing of it. Thanks for the much needed motivation, girl!! I hope you get your ass kicked today too!!

  7. I never even thought about trying kickboxing, but it sounds like fun. How much coordination do you need to do it because I am hand-eye stupid. If I could get into it, that would be a good alternative to running because I am not running’s biggest fan although it is easy to push yourself to do a little bit more each morning!!

    Either way GOOD WORK!!

    Adam @

  8. Isn’t it FUN when your body hurts because you’re kicking butt, not because your joints just hurt all the time? Isn’t it GREAT to know that you can go into a class and it may not work for you but not because you’re not in good enough shape? Congrats!

  9. @adam I have NO coordination. I have a friend who wont come to kickboxing with me cuz he thinks he’s too uncoordinated but I am horrible and I do mess up but I just laugh at myself and it’s all fun. Youre not being graded so its not like the instructor can yell at you if you mess up the routine and kick or punch at the wrong time or end up facing the wrong direction.:)

    I LOVE the feeling of sore muscles (so long as its soreness and not injury pain!). I get sorest after lift class, then next after kickboxing, and least sore from random working out. It makes me feel like I was doing something right… I’ll be at work and go ow my shoulders/arms/legs… yay I’m getting stronger! Pain is NOT always bad! :)

  10. wow. i am impressed with your work out enthusiasm for working out girly. super impressed and a little jealous. bah. wish i felt that way!