Easing Back Into Things


I’m feeling better now, thankfully, but am just realizing how much a couple days set me back.  Because I wasn’t doing ANYTHING besides feeling sick, I’m now a few days behind in work, personal projects, and exercise.  Not a good thing considering I only have two weeks left here at Green Mountain to get a lot of stuff finished.  I hate getting sick for so many reasons and getting behind is one of them!  Playing catch up is no fun at all!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  I’m glad whatever was wrong with my only lasted a couple days.  At least I had time to enjoy the beautiful views here!


I’m easing back into exercise like a good girl instead of rushing into things like I want.  I did lower body conditioning yesterday and kickboxing at a low intensity.   Today I’ve done/am doing water aerobics, yoga, and upper body weights on my own.  Nothing too intense and just enough to fit into my schedule.  After today, since I’m feeling good again, I’m ready to get back into it and make the next week really count so my last assessment is a good one.

For more about easing back into things, check out my post at the Green Mountain blog: Dealing With Exercise Interruptions.


I know that I haven’t focused much on weight while being here, and that’s because the focus really isn’t on weight.  But I have to admit I am hoping to get to my next 5 lb milestone at the very least during this last assessment next week.   I won’t be devastated if I don’t, but I think I can manage to lose at least a pound in the next week to reach that mark from my last assessment.  I just like hitting goals, don’t you?

And I would like to lose another inch or two on my bottom half, mostly because I just started losing inches there.  Isn’t it funny how weight wants to cling to certain  parts of you?  My body shape works so hard to keep all the surface area it has gained on the bottom.  My thighs and hips refused to lose any inches for my first two months here.  I lost over 4 inches on my waist before a sliver on my hips or thighs.  That seems crazy, but it just goes to show you how impossible it is to control where you gain or lose weight on your body.


I’m off now to work on a super secret craft project that may or may not become a Christmas present.  It relaxes me and after a long day it is just what I need.  Tedious craftwork that creates something awesome and useful!  Do any of you do this to?  Sometimes zoning out is just necessary… especially when you are about to leave Vermont in two weeks and have no idea where you will be living at that time or what you will do for money.  Yes, zoning out is going to be good, because thinking about future things is something I’d rather avoid.  Join me, will you?

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  1. @Jen
    I’ve met a few ladies who knit for that very reason – gives ’em something to do that isn’t eating. It’s a good idea.

    I love it! I understand why you like the knit angle, but how about some other crafty methods? You can teach us!

    Everyone seems to knit. Even Jack Sht!! Hmmm, maybe I’m missing something?

    That’s probably the nicest comment I’ve ever gotten. ;) Good to know I can relax/put people to sleep! :)

  2. I have too short of an attention span to do crafts. I’ve been taught to knit, but I promptly forgot. I can sew and needlepoint and crosstitch, but I don’t have the patience to do it. As a kid, it literally took me yrs to complete a project. I even tried braiding rugs. I envy people who can concentrate like that. I even have trouble watching tv or a movie alone, unless I have someone to talk to and distract me I switch from window to window on my computer!
    .-= merri´s last blog ..Judging a Book by its Cover =-.

    • I did needlepoint once and I hated it So boring. Blah. I actually do crafts while I’m watching tv because it makes me feel better to be focusing on two things at once. I like having something for my hands to do.

  3. LOVE THAT PIC! I can zone out looking at that forever! Like I did for my bday.. nothing! R&R. Nothing wrong with that. It is good for the soul sometimes!

    So glad you are feeling better!

    • I do too. I thought it was just so cool how the sun was barely shining. Hehe. Vermont has so many GORGEOUS views. :) I totally agree that a little R&R, or a little nothing is good for the soul.

    • I’ve tried beading before. It was fun, but too messy when I spilled beads and too much to keep track of. I also made Christmas ornament before. That was really fun!

      We need to get our bottom halves to listen up and do what we say… like go away! Hehe.

  4. I think exercise keeps everyone fit.Specially the regular exercise is needed for the people who are taking efforts for their weight loss. So do exercise daily and keep yourself fit and fine.

  5. Jen is a rockstar! She is going to be the star of my blog next post!! :)

    Hitting goals is awesome. You should know since you always hit all of them!

    It is the super secret craft project I told you about. I can’t tell you any more about it, sorry.

  6. @Josie
    Yay Christmas crafting! It’s so much fun! I actually enjoy the tedious stuff like my current super secret project. ;)

    Seriously. That’s not how it is supposed to work! Ha! … I like that phrase “going zombie.”

  7. ive been ill for two weeks :( sucky. major setback.
    feeling much better now though yay.

    reading zones me out completely. i forget about everything else.
    also sometimes at home i do weird jigsaws with my mam. they completely distract me from everything bad.