Foods I Loved, Love, and HATE

I don’t usually take requests for what I write on this blog.  The content is EXTREMELY personal here and sometimes (I hope) helpful to others, but I don’t let other people dictate what I write.  But today when I woke up I realized that I want to.  I want to write about what you want to hear.  So I’m thinking about dedicating one day a week to writing about something YOU have asked me to write about.  It can be anything.  Just contact me and if you want it to be anonymous, just write that as the name and as your email.

So, the first request I got was from Mish on twitter:

Five Foods you used to love, now love, and still can’t stand

Well.  Cool!  As I’m a high and might food blogger now with my fancy healthy food blog… Ok, just kidding.  I’m still a picky and pretty boring eater.  But I’ll try to answer.


This list could probably be the longest list ever.  There are a ton of foods that I used to love and eat all the time that I forced myself to stop eating and eventually lost the taste for.  But here are five that used to make my heart happy.

Fish sticks. I used to love fish sticks.  Now I couldn’t really imagine buying and eating them.

Pork rinds. Yeah.  My mom used to buy these for herself and I would end up eating some of them.  Now I can’t stand the idea.

Doritos. I used to inhale Doritos… probably why I never tasted them and never realized I don’t actually love the processed flavor. 

Oatmeal. Currently oatmeal and I are on a break, so it’s going in the food I used to love category.  I know it’s good for you and all, but I’m okay with not eating it for a long time.  Perhaps I just burnt out on it… but I’m done with oatmeal for the foreseeable future.

Pizza. Okay this one is a bit of a cheat… I will never stop loving pizza in all it’s forms.  It is the world’s most perfect food.


Scallops. I only tried scallops for the first time a few months ago.  They were delicious and I’ve been hooked ever since.  For some reason I refused to eat them for the longest time because I didn’t know what they were or what they would taste like.

Salad. I never ate salads when I was younger.  I started forcing myself to eat salads in college when I first started losing weight and now I’ve learned that there are some salads I absolutely adore.

Onions. I love the smell, the flavor, the sight… pretty much everything about onions.  I formerly refused to eat them as they looked “bad” in my mind.  Now I know how delicious they are!

Peppers. I loved peppers sooo very much.  Sweet or spicy, I think they are all delicious and go well with everything. Speaking of peppers…

Spicy food. This is my favorite kind of food, but when I was younger I used to hate spicy food.  I didn’t start eating anything spicy or using hot sauce (<3) until college.  My life was so bland for so long!


Spaghetti. I don’t eat spaghetti.  I don’t like it.  I actually hate it more than anything.  The mere thought of it makes me gag and eating it will make me sick.  I eat other pasta but I can’t stand spaghetti.

Mushrooms. I had never eaten a mushroom up until I made this pasta the other day.  They were not my favorite things ever.  Bah.

Ham. I will eat pork and I will eat bacon but I don’t like ham.  Especially thick disgusting slices of it.

Tomatoes. Okay, so I like everything possible made with tomatoes – I just can’t seem to make myself love tomatoes.  I try and I try but they still manage to repulse me.  The only time I can make myself eat them is when they are super thinly sliced and barely noticeable on a sandwich.  I’m working on moving them at least to the “like” category.

Chocolate cereal. I love all things chocolate except cereal.  I hate cereal that turns my milk brown and tastes like fake chocolate.  Gross.

UPDATE:  I know this technically makes six hated foods, but I HATE PICKLES.  So much.  Biting into a pickle on a sandwich ruins it.

This should totally be a meme so if you want to do it on your blog then go ahead!  Otherwise leave me a comment and tell me one food you can’t stand (I’m always curious about what people won’t eat).

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  1. I used to love fish sticks too! Now I’d just rather have an actual piece of fish. Fish and chips still rock though :)

    I hate tomatoes themselves (but love products with tomato in it), and I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti. I’ll eat it…but when I was younger it was one of those meals we’d have constantly because it was cheap and easy to feed all of us kids with. I avoid most pasta dishes (except lasagna) now because of that, and I refuse to go to Olive Garden b/c I feel likes it a huge ripoff (That pasta dish probably only cost like a dollar to make…so eff you OG if you think I’d spend 15-20 bucks (or however much it costs) on it).

    Rant over :)
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..Challenge Updates #8 =-.

    • Fish and chips do rock! AGREED!

      Steve that is the exact reason why I hate spaghetti. We used to have it ALL THE TIME when I was younger because it was cheap and four kids eat a lot. I guess I had it so much I got sick of it.

      Olive Garden is a huge ripoff. I wonder what their profits are like.

      • I love spaghetti and just about any type of pasta you can name. It truly is one of my biggest weaknesses. And, I’ll confess, I LOVE Olive Garden. Won’t eat there anymore though because it doesn’t fit with my new healthy lifestyle, but OMG I love their food. Oh the shame of it all!
        .-= josie´s last blog ..Week 22 – Weigh-In =-.

        • Josie, don’t feel bad. I love Olive Garden too!! I don’t eat there either because 1) it is a ripoff and 2) it really doesn’t jive with the whole eating healthy thing. I don’t love it enough to eat there anymore.

  2. There are few foods that I really don’t like. I am with you on the pizza. Every once in a while I will have a slice….but it’s not the same now that I have a better outlook on what I eat.
    .-= Seth´s last blog ..February ReCap & an Idea =-.

  3. My eating habits haven’t actually changed that much. I’m generally not in to seafood, or soupy/spicy things which includes a lot of ethnic food varieties, and I don’t use many condiments or toppings. My eating style is very plain.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Monday Weigh-in and Shrimp Pesto Penne =-.

  4. What a fascinating, cool and amusing list! I have never heard of anyone who doesn’t like spaghetti. And “chocolate cereal” – ha ha ha! But everyone is so unique. I want to do this list now.
    .-= Foodie McBody´s last blog ..10K and BEYOND! =-.

    • That is a good thing! I still <3 mayo… which isn’t a good thing for my diet. But I keep it in moderation.

  5. I just totally stole your idea and wrote my own blog post…it was a good exercise and there were a few surprises when I started thinking about it. Like cheese…not really wanting it any more is a new thing! And Sagan, I didn’t include olives, but I don’t like them at all…never have.
    .-= KCLAnderson (Karen)´s last blog ..A Loved/Love/Hate Relationship With Food =-.

    • @ Sagan and Karen
      I don’t really like olives either, but they weren’t a winner for the list because I can stand them, I just don’t enjoy them.

  6. My grandmother proved to me that onions are the secret to a long life. She ate one with every meal (yes including breakfast) and lived to be 96 with no health problems.

    • Really? That’s so interesting! Who knew? I don’t know if I could eat them with every meal but I definitely love them now.

  7. Aw, but mushrooms are so yummy!

    In Thailand, they put sweetened condensed milk on top of cooked whole kernel corn and call it dessert. I don’t like the taste…it’s just weird.

  8. I can’t stand celery! Something about the stringy parts make me cringe!!! I also don’t care for olives, unless they are kalamatas in a Greek dish or something – then they are tolerable!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Trial Run =-.

    • Haha! I’ve never had a dream about the foods I hate. That might happen one day though. Spaghetti nightmares! OH NO!!

  9. I love most vegetables except mushrooms (ewww…fungi) and squash (even if it’s disguised under cinn. and sugar). I loved raisens when I was a kid but they gross me out now. I love pickles but only sour or dill. I hate sweet pickles.

  10. I will take your unwanted pickles, thank you.

    I hate cooked salmon. Love salmon sashimi, but when it’s cooked it tastes totally different and I think it’s disgusting.

    • Hehe. Pretty much everyone I know LOVES pickles, so I never have a problem getting rid of the pickles. Someone will always take them from me.

      Salmon is tricky. If it’s cooked well it’s awesome. But it can be cooked poorly and be gross. So I understand that.

  11. It is amazing how our taste buds change.. and don’t too! :-) I still love my sweets but I have learned….

    I hate brussel sprouts! I know people love them but I still can’t get the taste for them!

    Thx for the peek into your kitchen!

  12. From a former tomato hater, I figured out that I have to seed my tomatoes. The juice and seeds are what I don’t like. I use tomatoes so much more now that I figured it out.

  13. I can’t even stand the smell of BEETS! My parents had my sister and I on some diet when we were younger and I remember there were a lot of Beets to eat. Gross. Even the thought of them makes me gag!

  14. I hate mushrooms. I refuse to eat fungus! I also don’t like fish in any way, shape or form, but that’s mainly because I get sick every time I eat it so I’m not sure that counts. lol Ah pizza, how I love thee.

  15. Capers – yuk – maybe I just got a bad brand.
    Tasted like something I can’t name.
    Or shouldn’t name.

  16. Dude, I hate tomatos and love everything tomato based too! Also, you’re right, that pickle flavor literally ruins a sandwich. Even if you take pickles off of something, that flavor just sticks around like the plague.
    .-= Paul´s last blog ..Always With The Pasta =-.

  17. Amen on the tomatoes. People look at me like I have 3 heads when I say I don’t like tomatoes. (But I love ketchup, spaghetti sauce, etc)

  18. Haha! I am sad about eating lamb, because it’s a lamb, but yeah it’s good not bad. So I couldn’t include it on that list.

    I will… I’m working on liking mushrooms…. really.

  19. I hate pickles and peas. I hate tomatoes if they are like crappy not ripe tomato from Burger King or something…. I like tomatoes if they are from the garden in the middle of the summer.

    I eat salad so much now!!! I have really gotten to where I dig it.

    I used to be able to hoover some Doritos… now, not so much.

    Thanks for your blog!!

    .-= Rob Dyess´s last blog ..New York, New York- Good Morning America =-.

  20. Ive seen pork rinds but they looked really gross. In random gas stations on trips when you get out to pee. What do they taste like and what on earth are they made of? I used to hate fish because my mother, an otherwise good cook, makes real fish really badly, so she would feed me and my sis fish sticks as an alteranative when she made fish. Really, they never were THAT good, just better than the real fish. But pretty ew to think about. No oatmeal? I used to eat it every morning at work before I switched…I never eat it now but its still tasty esp the non instant kind. Hmm that’s weird about spaghetti. I thought everyone liked it. Do you like angel hair, because that is almost spaghetti? My friend rob makes spaghetti squash and uses it as spaghetti, which tastes really good. You should try it. You could try ham with raisin sauce on it. People who don’t like ham tend to like that. OMG I LOVE tomatoes! One of my favorite things ever! One last ditch way you might like them is if you get them fresh from a farmers market or home grown. When we used to grow them in my garden growing up, they tasted waaay better, sweeter, and different than some of the nasty ones you can find at a grocery store.
    What can’t I stand? MAYO. EWW. My roommate has recently decided he does like mayo afterall, and just the sight of the bottle in the fridge ew. Its so gooshy ooshy white oiley yuk. Ive never liked it much since I was a little kid. I use mustard on my sandwiches. Yup, if theres one worst food its prob mayo. Not even peanuts which im allergic to come close.
    .-= merri´s last blog ..San Diego Trip: Days 0 and 1: Getting our Bearings =-.

  21. FINALLY! Someone else who hates tomatoes. I love all tomato products, but the actual tomato, bleck, they taste like grass or dirt to me. I try them every year in various forms (heirloom, standard, plum, grape, cherry, straight off the vine, from the farmers market, on a salad, etc.) and for the life of me, I still dont like them.