How To Make Mashed Cauliflower

How to make mashed cauliflower

I might be cheating on roasted cauliflower. With mashed cauliflower. Ever since I flipped through Paleo Comfort Foods: Homestyle Cooking for a Gluten-Free Kitchen I’ve been obsessed with using cauliflower more often.

Maybe. Just a little. I can’t help it! Cauliflower is such an amazing food that can be used in so many wonderful ways.

I’ve been told several times lately that I should share more recipes or ways of using food (hey, something to blog about besides triathlons!) so I figured sharing mashed cauliflower is perfect. All the things I cook are super easy because in general I’m intimidated by most complex recipes. I like to keep things simple in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious.

Mashed Cauliflower is Awesome

This recipe is using one of my favorite vegetables – cauliflower – in my second favorite way to cook it.

My favorite way to cook cauliflower is still roasting it. It’s still the best and most delicious way to use cauliflower in my very humble food loving opinion.

But making mashed cauliflower comes in a close second. It’s quite lovely and super easy to make if you have a food processor.

food processor to make mashed cauliflowerSeriously, you need a food processor. It’s the best invention ever. I never knew what I was missing until I started using a food processor. It’s nothing special, just an old Sunbeam one that I can’t even find on Amazon. The closest one I could find was this.

Regardless any food processor is better than no food processor. It’s one of the best kitchen tools you can have if you cook a lot.

If you want the best food processor for making mashed cauliflower and other awesome concoctions, I’d try the best seller on Amazon: Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor.

Dreamy, isn’t it?

Moving on to the recipe….

How to Make Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower Ingredients:

  • half a head of cauliflower (I used this much for two people… and because no more will fit in the food processor)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/4 cup milk (I use skim/trim)
  • 1-2 tbsp butter or margarine (either works depending on personal preference)
  • salt and pepper to taste
    Optional items: garlic, cheese, sour cream, chives, or anything else you might like normally in mashed potatoes

And yes, butter and milk is necessary in my opinion. But then again, it’s just an opinion. You can make it without them but I don’t find it as tasty. You could also use low sodium chicken broth or olive oil, which I’ve seen in other recipes but haven’t tried yet.

Mashed Cauliflower Directions

Cut the cauliflower into florets.

cauliflower florets - how to make cauliflower

Bring the water to boil in a medium soup pot.  Add the cauliflower.  Boil until the cauliflower is tender, about five minutes.

boil cauliflower done how to make mashed cauliflower

Drain the cauliflower and then transfer to the food processor.

food processor done how to make mashed cauliflower

Process until the cauliflower is in smaller bits and blending together.

how to make mashed cauliflower

Add milk.

add milk how to make mashed cauliflower

Add butter.

add butter how to make mashed cauliflower

Add cheese, salt, pepper, and any other optional ingredients.

add cheese how to make mashed cauliflower

Continue processing until all ingredients are mixed in and the texture is smooth almost like mashed potatoes.

done how to make mashed cauliflower

Salt and pepper to taste.

how to make mashed cauliflower finished


What’s your favorite cauliflower preparation? Do you like mashed cauliflower or roast cauliflower?

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