Weird Day, Friday Five

Today has been a weird day. It’s not necessarily been bad, just weird. I suppose I should have known it was going to be just one of those days when I woke up sick because I drank milk the night before. It’s been one little thing after another.

Don’t I remember dairy makes me sick? Really sick? I’ve got to stop trying to give in to wanting milk or ice cream occasionally because I always end up regretting it when I get sick afterward. Back to no dairy I go, probably for good.

I haven’t been rolling my eyes much lately, but today gets a major eye roll.

Fridays and Friday posts aren’t for negative things. They are for happy things! On to the five x five things!

5 Things I Always Wear

  1. A ring. I love wearing rings.
  2. A hair tie. Either in my hair or on my wrist. Always. I feel weird without one.
  3. Contacts or glasses. If I don’t wear one, I can’t see.
  4. Moisturizer with SPF 30+. I wear moisturizer every day.
  5. A bra. Yeah, I hate not having a bra on. I even like wearing a sports bra to bed. More than you needed to know? Probably. Welcome to Friday Five.

5 Things I’m Doing This Weekend

  1. Reading (for work, for therapy, for fun, again)
  2. Buying a strapless bra for my wedding dress.
  3. Attending my best friend’s graduation party! Yay Jess!
  4. Working out – cardio, weights – happiness.
  5. Sleeping. This is obviously the best thing on the list.

5 Links You Should Check Out

  1. Susan (love her blog) shared that she is starting treatment for cancer. Go shower her with some love.
  2. 10 Exercise Myths That Won’t Go Away
  3. Obese Dieters’ Brain Chemistry Works Against Their Weight-Loss Efforts
  4. This crazy feta recipe from How Sweet It Is looks so good it’s stuck in my brain.
  5. Congrats to Ashley who is getting married tomorrow! Hurray for her healthy wedding!

That’s it for me. Time to finish out the work day strong and then head out for fun things. Hopefully this days stops being so strange! Leave me some fun comments with your answers to one of the five. I’m particularly interested to know what middle names people would choose for themselves if they were changing. Let me know!

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  1. I always wanted to say “Danger is my middle name.” Hope the day gets less strange and you have a great weekend!

  2. I was just curious, does your mom mind that you are changing your middle name? I like the ones you’ve listed. You realize if you were Mary Merry, I’d be forced to say “Mary Merry…why ya buggin?” a lot right? If you don’t get that reference, I’ve hopelessly dated myself!

    I would like to change my first name to my “nickname.” (ie- Like changing Jennifer to Jenny kind of thing) I have NEVER gone by my full name, I refuse to respond to it because it’s what I was called when I was in trouble and I am petrified if God forbid something happens to me and hubby at the same time, my mom would put my full name on my tombstone. At which point I’d have to haunt her! LOL

    Have a great weekend Mary!

    • Haha. I’ve heard that reference before, but no it’s not culturally relevant to me. ;) My only nickname ever has been MaryMary, so I was jokingly saying Merry so I would never be able to get mad again when people misspell my name because of my blog. ;)

      My mom doesn’t care if I change my name. She didn’t pick my middle name so it’s not like it has any significance or anything.

  3. I love the name Pearl, Cadence is really cute, and NO I do not mind her changeing her name, I love my daughter no matter what her name, and I love my future son and as long as she keeps his name with hers she will be fine…

  4. I love your Friday Five. I too wear a hair tie at all times. If it is not in my hair, then it has to be on my wrist. It goes along with one of my favorite sayings “Any food you need to tie your hair back for is good food.” I always have my hair tie for that reason. You just never know when you are going to get some awesome tie-your-hair-back food.

  5. Ya as I was saying on fb, that happened to me wed nite from whipped cream. Cheese and yogurt are ok cuz of cultures and such, milk in recipies is fine cuz it gets cooked? But dairy raw whipped cream killed both me and my roomie. Im going to look for such thing as soy or rice or some such other kind of cream to whip. I always have a hair elastic too! If you look closely at any photos its there on my wrist like a bracelet. The height of fashion lol. No no you don’t want to be Mary Jane! Take it from me, merri jane, that it’s a bad combo. Everyone think’s im a pothead, when I cant help what middle name my parents gave me! LOL. My sis (Elizabeth) just gave her baby my middle name, jane (Lana Jane), and I thought it was a poor choice, despite the fact that it’s a family name. I like 2-4. #5 is the way my name is supposed to be spelled, I just changed the y to an i in my 20s.
    5 Things I always wear – underpants (though not always a bra, theyre uncomfy), contacts/glasses, makeup, my phone, & I guess I’ll have to put the hair thingie in there too. Right now theres one in my pants pocket.
    5 things I’m doing this weekend – 1)lots of dancing, it’s SF Pride, 2)going to eat my 1st dinner at supperclub, where you eat on a bed and watch a performance, 3)going to a party 4) going to the park 5) sleeping!!

  6. For some reason my parents didn’t give me a middle name. Both my brother and sister have middle names, but I do not. When I was young I felt slighted because they had them and I didn’t. Then in my teen years I began to notice that a lot of people didn’t really care for their middle names. I liked that I didn’t have a middle name that I disliked, and began to enjoy the distinctiveness of not having one. A boyfriend gave me the middle name “Elizabeth”, but he didn’t stick around and neither did the name. I started to use “X” as my middle initial. Lately (in my 50’s) I decided that the X should stand for something, and chose “Xara”. Which I like a lot, much better than my first name “Janet”. My husband uses it occasionally. I think I should start to use it in identifying myself more often so that I can enjoy more people using it.

    Have fun with it, Mary __________. I have a new kitten whom I just had fun naming: Zuzu Pussums!

  7. I don’t have a middle name and have always wanted one, although I haven’t really thought what I would have liked it to be. Instead I’ve always wanted to be called Julia. I feel like a Julia.

  8. OK, I LOVE YOUR PICS! I can’t do dairy either – bloats me up & I look pregnant at 53! ;-)

    Love your lists! My middle name is Rosalind. I hated it when I was young but love it as an adult. My dad wanted it after Rosalind Russell.. being so young, do you know who she is?? ;-)

    Doing this weekend:

    Sleep in day & rest from exercise day today
    Outside run tomorrow with my Hoka shoes! I can run again!
    Spending time with hubby!
    Cookie treat time!
    Enjoying the pleasant CA weather – just getting outside – OK, some errands too!

  9. 5 middle names I like
    I love the name Candice as well. Did you realize that if you change you middle name to Jane you will be like the shoes Mary Jane lol. I though that was a little funny. Count yourself lucky you only have 1 middle name I have 3 middle names all that I dislike and when I got married my mother made her feelings of me keeping all my names know. Luckily she let me change my last name without a fuss