I Have A Big Butt, I Can Not Lie

Between burpees and extra squats yesterday… my butt is sore this morning.

Really, really sore. I’ve been stretching the muscles back there and dreaming of a foam roller.

I’ve been thinking a bit about my butt lately because it’s been looking… good. Squats do very good things to your butt, I think. They might make it bigger but they make it more shapely and nice looking. My butt has undergone major improvements lately.

Remember when I posted that picture of myself a week ago? I got quite a few comments and messages about my backside.

My favorite was from Diana at Front Yard Foodie:

Oh my gosh you looks SO good! All flat up front with a sexy badunkadunk. hehe

Her comment made me giggle. (It also made me feel strange about talking about my butt on the internet. But here I am, dedicating a whole post to it. My life feels strange sometimes.) But her comment also made me happy because it’s totally true.

I’m never going to have big boobs unless I go the surgery route (and I highly doubt that will ever happen). I’m never going to have a small booty either. My pear shaped body likes to keep a little extra padding on my lower half. I’m okay with my shape despite the general media consensus that it’s a horrible shape to have.

Seriously, I’ve never understood when girls ask “Does this make my butt look big?” They want the answer to be no but why not let it be yes? What’s so wrong with having a big butt? Or a butt at all? Aren’t there whole songs dedicated girls like us? Sure not everyone finds this body part super attractive but with 6 billion people in the world you will never, ever be attractive to every single one of them. And with curvier role models (loose term by all means) like J Lo and Kim Kardashian (see what I meant about the term “role models”?) the body shape with a bigger butt isn’t all that crazy anymore but instead reached a place of seeexi.

Maybe I watched one too many tv shows recently with the same played out comedy routine of a girl asking if something made her butt look big. I’m over that question being in the media and in our minds. Positive body image is hard to keep a hold of when you are the girl at home watching tiny girls on tv asking why their very small butts look big. That’s part of why I don’t watch much tv anymore and why I’m all about drawing some positive energy from the gym and the blog.

Every body type is awesome, small butts and big butts alike.

I’ve ranted long enough about butts and body image. Now it’s time for you to do something. Or three things.

1) Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

2) Go do some squats.

Have a great day! Don’t sit on your butts too much!

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  1. Hahahah.. Mary this could not have come at a more appropriate time. I was going ON to Marshall last night (while walking the dogs) that my butt has grown even BIGGER than it already was. I am one of those pear shaped ladies, too, and my butt has always been big. But now that I am doing Jamie Eason’s training, I think my butt has gotten even bigger! I am totally ok with it–it looks strong :) Loved this post. Thank you and your cute butt.

  2. You are looking super strong!!! Sometimes, I could use a little more backside and a little less boob and tummy (I’m an inverted triangle). While I love my legs, I am envious of pear shaped ladies who can wear the pretty and delicate shirts I bust out of (if it’s not stretchy up top, it doesn’t work for me…)

  3. Hehe, I love your comment! Burpees are hardcore for sure. I’ve been doing them a bit since I had a session with the personal trainer and actually you posting that pdf of beginner crossfit workouts inspired me to do more. So thank you for that!

  4. That you can even DO burpees impresses me…my bones just hurt too much for me to them!

    As for butts? I know this is a grass-is-greener type comment, but I’d rather have a big butt and a flat tummy, not only for aesthetic reasons, but for health reasons, as well. My butt isn’t small, but it’s not “big” either…my tummy on the other hand…not sure if it will ever be as small as I’d like it to be, but I love my whole bod these days. And I’ve got big boobs (thank goodness my hubs is a boob man ;-)

  5. My random “talent” (if you will) is that I know ALL the words to that song! I love that you posted it here. My booty is there, and it’s not going to leave, no matter how many squats and lunges I do. And I am OK with that – because it means I fill out jeans nicely, give dresses some shape and give the boyf something to stare at in the morning haha. He quite often laments how “it’s gotten smaller lately” – yep, smaller all over, but I am still packing some junk back there, and I love it!

    Go the butt!!

    p.s. you are looking awesome! I think you have the wedding glow going on already!

  6. Why is it that we can’t naturally have both boobies and booty’s!!! I have badonkadonk but i wear a 40A bra, what is up with that!!! Anyway, you look great and cheers to the booty!

  7. Ha this post made me giggle. You’re looking great Mary, working hard is paying off!! My frustration is I can make my butt look better but my belly just won’t shrink. Well I know it will eventually but it’s going to menthe last to go, I just know it. :-)

  8. Well if it’s any consolation, I’m a guy with all gut and no butt. I wish I could move some from the front to the back to help hold up my pants LOL. Anyways, I’m new to the weight loss blog community, and I like your blog!!!

  9. Full butts are IN!!! I never got the flat butt thing or even those models & such you see on TV or TMZ & they say how wonderful they look.. Ah, do they see the way too thin bod, no butt, no muscles. I don’t get it. Keep at it – tight high butts are cool! :-)

  10. i have NEVER understood people who think that having a big butt is bad thing. where i grew up it was the girls with large hips and asses that got all the attention from the boys in school….not that that kind of attention is necessarily a good thing, but you know what i mean ;) it was considered attractive. i have a big butt too, and whenever i’m feeling down about my body i think, “at least i have my ass!!” haha. the only downside is that sometimes women with this kind of body shape are hypersexualized, and it’s harder to look “appropriate” in certain clothes.

  11. This information is very useful for women who are experiencing the same thing as your experience. I myself can not derive my weight, I intend to lose weight but always there is a problem on my life and made me take it out to food. I’d love to eliminate my bad habits.

    and covet it.
    in a totally not weird Im 42 and my booty is flattening and reaching for the floor way.

  13. I have a big fat butt, but it’s not cute like your sexy one!
    Goal to get it looking good
    (I find yoga did the trick last year;)

  14. OMG. I have a really big butt and while I used to be self conscious about it, now I’m very happy with it. I’m built a lot like you, actually, and you are looking awesome! I have been doing squats (I’ve been doing Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Time Saver Training due to my schedule) and making sure I take the stairs at work and I never ever ask if something makes my butt look big. As a matter of fact, even at my highest weight of 180 (I’m 5’3″), my boyfriend would tell me how great my butt looked. He’s a fan. It helps. What’s my point here? You’re not alone in the voluptuous butt category.

    Now let me tell you my new favorite word that I discovered a few months ago:
    callipygian: having shapely buttocks.

    Who knew there was a word for that?!

    Have a GREAT day and keep up the great work!

  15. Nothing better than feeling like your booty is reshaping. My friend is a pear shape and while she gripes about finding clothes that fit properly, there’s a lot of talk lately that the pear shape is the healthier shape to have. So, go you! Or maybe, go genetics?

    I don’t really pay much attention to my butt but 2 weeks ago my hubby was behind me and said “your butt is getting REALLY cute!” Funny, so is his. The man’s butt was flatter than a pancake but is shaping up quite nicely since, well, he’s added burpees! :-)

    • It is healthier, actually. It’s harder to get rid of the weight because the body holds on to it for baby making purposes. So I’m probably really fertile and could pop out lots of babies versus having my weight around my middle which usually indicates diseases like heart disease. So really I’m super glad for my shape even if it is harder to slim down certain area. Yeah healthier shape!

      Burpees are the bomb!

  16. Everyone in my family has a completely flat butt…except me. I used to hate it, but like you I discovered the magic of squats (have you ever flipped a Bosu over and done squats on top of that with weights – MAGIC – and it works your core too). Now, after popping out a kid, I am working on my core…but I still have a nice ass.

    You’re lookin’ good Mary!

  17. LOVE this post!! I have a little bit of junk in the trunk, and my fiance (soon to be husband in 11 DAYS!) absolutely loves it. My butt is his absolute favorite body part and he would be so upset if it went away.

  18. I think you’re going to hate my comments, but after reading this post I do have few remarks. I notice a lot of people in the comments saying how great you look (I’m guessing they know you or are long time followers), but it honestly looks ro me that you have a substantial amount of weight you can lose .. one thing that stood out to me in the pic is the difference in the size of your hand to your upper arm. Believe me, I don’t mean to be mean :) I’m just noting how it looks to me.

    I read in your About section that this is a weight loss blog. After reading several posts, I’m wondering if that’s still true (sorry, I don’t know much history of your blog). I know you talk about exercise and food and, although you discuss other topics like your wedding, it still seems largely weight-loss/fitness oriented. To that end, I’m wondering if you have any goals or are tracking any weight loss progress in any way. Again sorry if this is a beaten down subject as I’m a fairly new reader.

    When you talk about your pair shaped body having a mind of its own (“liking to keep extra padding”), I have to take total issue with that comment. It’s almost always our minds that are pear shaped while we tend toward a homeostatic state when in fact we might be morbidly obese – not our bodies. If you’re weight hasn’t changed substantially over the last 6 months or year or whatever, there would be little doubt in my mind that you burn the same or fewer calories daily than you are consuming. Weight loss, while a painfully difficult undertaking, does ultimately come down to the simplest of mathematical formulas. I also agree that genetics and other issues may dictate the upper and lower bounds of our successes, but those sort of limitations are typically only revealed when people have exhaustively applied the basics and achieved the leanest physique possible. This would obviusly be the case when people remark that JLo or Kardashian have a big butt .. they are beautiful women, lean and very fit, it’s just their genetics that give them ample padding in the rear.

    In your case, you have a lot of weight you could lose before ever conceding “my body wants to stay this way”. It also sounds like you do more with weights than cardio (sorry if I’m wrong on that point). If so, why is that? I fully understand that more muscle burns more calories, but being as big as you are, you already have a lot more muscle than you would have if you were 50 or 75 lbs lighter. Heavier people have more muscle than leaner people. With regard to that, what is your goal with weight training – to get stronger or bigger? Our bodies generally can’t lose fat and gain muscle at the same time – one aim requires a calorie surplus while the other requires a calorie deficit. So what is your nutritional strategy and which endeavor is your nutritional strategy in support of – muscle/weight gain or fat/weight loss? It has to be one or the other, otherwise you basically have no true aim or else you do, but it’s basically fruitless if your nutritional aim is not in line with your workout aim.

    I lost < 100 lbs once so I'm not talking about subjects unfamiliar to me. In recent year I have gained a large chunk of that back, and have been thinking a great deal on these subjects, which is why I pose some of the questions here. I know a lot of people here may well jump on me for comments that might not appear nice, but again – I'm not trying to burn you down, just understand your ultimate goals and (selfishly) learn a little more as to whether this is the kind of blog I'm interested in following.

    I applaud your efforts in whatever it is you are trying to achieve with your weight-loss or fitness efforts. It's just more interesting to me when people have different and sometimes opposing or challenging viewpoints and don't mind sharing them. I plan to start a weight loss blog soon, and hope that I do attract some readers, but also that they challenge me at every opportunity.

    • I have to be honest, I didn’t read your whole comment. Probably won’t.

      Yes I still have weight to lose. As you haven’t followed my blog long or read much of it you wouldn’t know that I’ve lost some already (40 pounds and kept it off) and my body has changed a lot. So yes, I look good. Better every day in fact.

      I’m currently not weighing myself because I don’t want or need the extra baggage that brings while I’m getting married. I will probably return to weighing in at some point after that happens. Or not. It’s really up to me. If you want to follow, that’s fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

  19. Totally understand the weighing in and ups and downs it causes .. believe me. All too familiar.

    Sorry as I must have offended you since you say you won’t even read my comments fully. I’m definitely not saying you look good, bad or otherwise. I was simply commenting on weight and your goals. I really would have been interested in your comments on the alignment of your workout and nutritional strategies though as I have strong opinions there.

    I have to say if I start a blog about a serious goal I am working toward that I hope to attract some readers who agree with me, some that disagree and some that challenge me and present different or even opposing viewpoints and also that I take the time to read what they have to say – all of what they have to say, think about it, and respond rather than react emotionally. After all, I’d be putting myself out there .. I would certainly expect to hear many diverse and varying viewpoints regarding what I have to say … even ones might not agree with or even like. I certainly wouldn’t want a band of yes-people always telling me I look great and agreeing with everything I have to say. What would be the point?

    • You didn’t offend me, I just can’t spend time reading comments as long as a blog post when they seem to be just about telling me what I “should” be doing. Sorry, hope you understand right now my time is very precious.

      Good luck with your new blog!

      • I just reread my post, and I don’t see a single sentence whereas I’m telling you what to do so not sure what you were referring to there. I guess I certainly may have been too wordy and maybe it concealed the main question(s) I had .. let me take another try …

        1) do you have any *specific* measurable goal you’re working toward and if so, what is it?
        2) what is the relationship between your nutritional program and/or goal(s) and your workout/gym program and/or goals?

        • 1. Yes. It involves weight loss but I’m not sharing specific numbers.
          2. My nutrition and workouts support my overall goals.

          • Gotcha .. seems very vague and somewhat mysterious. Not sure what this blog’s all about then, but good luck with it all.

  20. Do you really think the consensus is that big butts are bad? I ALWAYS hear people loving a nice, big butt! Online, in media, in real life! My whole life I’ve been called ‘bony butt’ and my father lamented that I took after his lack of butt. I think most people def aspire to having a nice, big butt, so yay for you!! squats are hard for me cuz of bad knees but I’ve been doing them cautiously in hopes that my butt will one day grow. :) looking good mary!

    • No I don’t think it’s all bad. And it’s shifted a lot in the last few years or so. But yeah… still in movies and tv shows and stuff there are always girls asking if something makes their butt look big. Like it won’t go away.

  21. I love this post! I have absolutely no butt..or the disease “Noassatall” as I’ve been teased. It sucks because where pants are supposed to hug you and make your butt look cute, mine just hang freely. I do however have a large chest and I hate it! Button up shirts? Forget them. Cute bras? Yeah right. Wearing a low cut top without having ridiculously inappropriate cleavage? Not gonna happen. They are such a pain and I don’t see the big deal about boobs anyway. I would gladly give them away, haha. I just want normal sized breasts and an actual tush! Not too much to ask. Ok I’m done ranting. Thanks for posting this! Congrats on working towards your goals, it’s so nice to see hard work pay off – I personally think you are looking great!

  22. You know my butt was the bane of my existence for the LONGEST time. I had J-Lo booty before it was cool. So much so that I was teased mercilessly in school about it. My nickname was BBB (Big Butt B…) It was so humiliating. I wasn’t overweight at all, but it made me feel bad about myself and it created some serious self-esteem issues for me. Thank God for Sir Mix-A-Lot! That raunchy song made my booty the envy of all the flat butted girls in my junior high. These days I have a LOT more booty than I’ve ever had before but I’m confident that when I lose the weight I will once again be bootylicious. Rock that booty girl!

  23. One of my husband’s favourite features about me is my butt. Haha! I used to love spinning because it really, well, brought out that part of my body! :P