My Favorite Really Cool Bike Helmets

As someone who loves to bike and spends a lot of time on my bicycle throughout the year, I’ve decided that the best bike accessory you can have is a really cool bike helmet.

The best thing about having a cool bike helmet is that you look good and protect yourself at the same time. Remember that protecting yourself is very important and please wear your helmet!

urban caution bike helmet

Nutcase Urban Caution Matte Street Helmet

Why I Want A Cool Bike Helmet

I do the majority of my biking in regular street clothes because I’m often going to the library or store or to run some type of errand. Sure I wear sporty clothes on the way to the gym and for long recreational bike rides, but most of my bike rides involves jeans or dresses and leggings (my new thing).

My regular sporty bike helmet just does NOT go well with this type of biking and makes me feel dorky when I wear it with my regular clothes.

Hence, I want a new bike helmet that goes well with regular clothes and looks nice no matter what I’m wearing!

I’ve been looking for bike helmets on Amazon and wanted to share a few here. I’d love opinions on them in the comments. It’s always good to get some second opinions before a purchase so let me know what you think of these helmets and which is your favorite!

My Favorite Really Cool Bike Helmets

I also really like Bern bike helmets which have different liners so you can use it for summer and winter sports. For instance I could use it to bike and snowboard if I wanted to try cool tricks boarding (I normally don’t and don’t wear a helmet). These helmets are ideal for someone switching between sports and seasons – if you are going to do multiple sports that require a helmet you might as well just have one!

Cool bike helmet

Bern Black Matte Helmet with Visor

Bern has a bunch of different styles, some with the visor and some without it, but the basics are the same. They have a variety of colors too.

Similarly, I like the Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmets which are similar to Bern or Nutcase and come in a lot of different colors. I like these because the colors are so vibrant! They also have some neat patterns from Paul Frank that are adorable for a younger child.

cool bike helmet blue multi sport helmet


cool bike helmet bell fraction multisport helmet

Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

I really love these Nutcase Helmets. These still look like bicycle  helmets, but they have a retro look with a bunch of different styles and colors and patterns. These seem to be popular with the urban hip crowd and people that use a helmet for multiple sports.  I like all the different styles they have.

Cool bike helmet nutcase black matte

Nutcase Blackish Matte Bike Helmet

Cool bike helmet silver sparkle

Nutcase Silver Sparkle Bike Helmet (sort of love this one the most!)

cool bike helmet gold nutcase helmetNutcase Gold Sparkle Bike Helmet

Cool bike helmet dots nutcase

Nutcase Dots Bike Helmet

I also like the Yakkay helmets since they seem to have perfected the idea of a helmet that looks like a hat. If you want to wear a helmet but look like you are just wearing regular clothes and a hat then these helmets are perfect. I adore this blue striped helmet.

Tokyo blue stripe bike helmet

Yakkay Tokyo Blue Stripe Helmet

I love the Lazer Cityzen helmets. These are cheaper bike helmets than Yakkay that look just like you are wearing a hat!  My favorite from them include the black and plaid options :

Cool bike helmet black checker

Lazer Cityzen Black Checker Bike Helmet

I also like this Disco Ball Helmet from Instructables… that is if it was safe to actually use as a real helmet.


Helmets covered in glass are a bad idea. It is adorable though! ;)

Cool Regular Bike Helmets

If you want a regular bike style helmet, these options are pretty great:

bell volt bike helmet - cool bike helmet

Bell Volt Bike Helmet

bell stoker bike helmet - cool adult bike helmets

Bell Stoker Helmet

giro trinity bike helmet - cool bike helemt for adults

Giro Trinity Bike Helmet

Buying A New Cool Bike Helmet

There are a ton of super cool bike helmets on Amazon and probably within your local bicycle store as well. A bike helmet is one of the most important things you can have as a cyclist and it’s important to consider not only how cool the helmet looks but how functional and safe it will be in the case of a spill. Bike helmets not only look awesome but they prevent head injuries in accidents and can keep you out of the emergency room or worse.

Bike helmets are mandatory in most states because they can save lives. Always wear your helmet!

There are many things to consider when buying a new bike helmet. The most important things are proper size and fit. Beyond that you also can consider additional comfort, venting, and style. Those elements don’t provide better protection but they do increase satisfaction with helmets in many cases.

Check out’s Bike Helmet buying guide for more information on buying a new helmet and the proper way to make sure you get everything you need.

As you can tell, I like sparkly things and was drawn to many of the awesome sparkly bike helmets. I’m leaning toward getting one of the sparkly nutcase helmets because I think it will make me happy to wear. I could go ahead and get the gold and silver so I can match everything I wear too. They are both really cute and would be perfect for when I’m bike commuting in Memphis.

Let me know in the comments which one you like best!

cool bike helmets

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  1. says

    I LOVE
    I LOVE
    and my pick would be the polka dots.
    I had no idea we adult types could get fun helmets, either!

    • says

      We can! I haven’t seen many in the bike stores around here though but online I found all these options and more. So fun! :)

  2. Caz says

    I had no idea there was so much choice! I am so keeping these in mind for when I get a bike. I’m loving the blue stripe helmet cause I think that’d go with dresses and trousers and i’m also loving the Lazer styles.

  3. says

    Mary! I like the shiny glass disco ball one. And I like the hat one. But honestly, bike helmets are never really going to be cute, so I would just get the safest cheapest helmet and spend your extra dollars on lipstick or cute sandals or something.

    • says

      Haha. Well I have to buy a helmet to ride in Memphis anyway as I don’t want to lug mine here back and forth across the ocean. So no matter what I have to get a helmet for the time I’m in Memphis and I figured I would get a cuter one (even if it’s not really cute and is still in fact a helmet). Ya know?

  4. says

    Ooh these are awesome helmets. I need a new helmet. I just have a cheap one from the Warehouse. That one that looks like a hat is so cute but would it really work effectively as a helmet? And I wonder if people might stop you because they don’t think you really have a helmet on, haha! I really love those first 4.

  5. says

    I don’t think that the darker helmets are your taste, I see you as a person that enjoys life to the fullest, you seem to be a person that wouldn’t wear something that brings you down, dark and dreary are not a part of you. I would think that you would actually chose the Nutcase Dots Bike Helmet. It’s lively, colorful and it can be worn with just about any type of clothing.

  6. scrapbookjumky says

    I love the striped helmet one for going to work but the polka dot one is so much fun! I would have a hard time deciding!!!

  7. says

    i like the tokyo one that looks like a real hat. ive never seen one of those before!! or, maybe i have and didnt even realize it! But i was thinking the same thing as Caity, would the police give you a ticket for not wearing a helmet because it doesnt look like you are? I guess they would just stop you and then you’d show them and they’d let you go free. :) It’s cute though!