Foodie In A Food City

Is Memphis a foodie city? I’m not sure what really categorizes a city as “foodie” or not and you could probably make a case for every city since they all have at least a few good restaurants.

On the way home today my coworker and I were discussing basketball (Go Grizzlies!) and came to the conclusion Memphis is big on three things: food, music, and basketball. That pretty much sums up the city nicely I think.

All I know is I’ve been eating out way too much since I’ve been back.

I’ve eaten out with my friends. I’ve eaten out with my mom. I’ve eaten out with coworkers. I’ve bought meals and had meals paid for. I’ve eaten fast food and at restaurants. I’ve either eaten out or eaten the leftovers for lunch and dinner since I’ve been back. Since I don’t normally eat out much this feels strange and like major overkill.

I know I need to cut down on this and start bringing lunch to work or making myself dinner. I bought groceries the day after I got here and have only really eaten cereal for breakfast so far. Yikes! At the very least I can say I haven’t been snacking or overeating which is a positive, right?

It will come to an end soon since I need to save money and help out my mom too. But for the first week it was nice to have all the things I missed while I was gone!

I guess I’m always talking about food lately because when I created my “what you tweet” infographic it basically called me an upbeat foodie obsessed with my dog.

Okay, maybe they were pretty right. ;)

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook to find out. I’m not crazy into social media these days but I do love the occasional conversation there!

Are you a foodie? Do you live in a foodie city? How often do you normally eat out?

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  1. I eat out a lot more than I would like to. Okay, I’m not gonna lie. I’d love to eat out every day. However, I’m not sure that would feel good in my body. I definitely live in a foodie city ~Chicago.

  2. I eat out every day M-F at work for lunch. Sometimes 1-2 times on the weekend too.

  3. I hardly ever eat out! I work at home so there isn’t any pressure to go out for lunch anymore and I really like cooking dinner for my family every night. We sometimes do date nights at restaurants but not every time.

  4. I miss living in a foodie city! I am really excited to travel back to Boston later this month…for the food =) Sarasota really is not a foodie city. It wants to be but it falls short.

  5. I think Denver WANTS to be a foodie city and is getting there…

    For me, I love food, but if you only chicken and turkey for meat it’s hard to be a true “foodie.” I do consider myself a “mexican food foodie” because I am pretty big critic of Mexican food but once I find a good place, I’m there again and again!

  6. San Francisco is a major foodie city. Im not sure if im a foodie or not. Not, in that I don’t like to eat weird stuff that’s trendy like offal or tons of bacon, plus I don’t go to really expensive restaurants that are all over our city. Yes, in that I think a bout food A LOT, I cook about every day, make new recipes, pay attention to what I eat, and love trying new things. So who knows. Usually I eat out on the weekends nights, and brunch maybe once or twice a month, and eat in on the weekdays. It depends on who’s around though… the more people staying in my house, the more I eat out. mostly i cook though.

  7. I really like to eat out more often but, I am concern about all the chemicals that have been added to the food that I can eat. So I prefer to prepare my own food because it taste better and I know that there is no food additives in the food I eat.

  8. I don’t eat out THAT often, but I like living in a foodie city so I can buy all kinds of fun, unusual and ethnic ingredients and make lots of different foods myself. Have a wonderful weekend Mary!!