Memphis Eats: Food Truck Rodeo in Memphis

First, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Happy Mother’s Day to my mom who is awesome and all the other amazing moms out there. I hope the day is amazing and you are celebrated and cherished.

Second, let me tell you about the food truck rodeo that happened in Memphis on Thursday. Sure this blog post is a little late but I’ve been busy!

The new Memphis Food Truck Alliance was created recently to unite the various food truck operators to help support and market the members. Memphis is new to food trucks and only last year started allowing them to operate. I think right now there are around 50 or so in operation and I’ve seen maybe a dozen of them, most at the Food Truck Rodeo on Thursday.

Photo 16

By the time thursday rolled around I couldn’t contain my excitement!It started at 11 a.m. and we left around 11:45 to walk the couple blocks to Court Square where the food truck rodeo was happening.

memphis food truck rodeo

When we got there things were in full swing and several trucks had rather long lines. It seemed that Revival Southern Food and Fuel Cafe were very popular and had the longest lines.

memphis food truck rodeo

After checking out several of the menus at various food trucks I decided to get in line at Fuel Cafe’s food truck. They had bison tacos that sounded interesting!

memphis food truck rodeo

Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea that I did. The line was very long so it crawled along slowly. Lucky for us it was a beautiful day.

memphis food truck rodeo

Then, five people before I got to order they ran out of bison. After waiting twenty minutes (or more?) in line I had to switch my order to chicken tacos. They erased it right off the menu when I got close. It was a bit disappointing but I was also excited they were getting so much business.

memphis food truck rodeo

When I finally got my chicken tacos, about half an hour after ordering them, but luckily they made up for the wait.

memphis food truck rodeo

I love a good taco! The chicken was well flavored and taco worked perfectly as a whole with the veggies and warm corn tortillas. I was very happy to see the cilantro on top too! I added a bit of hot sauce and it was perfect!

memphis food truck rodeo

After eating my tacos I went to get frozen yogurt from YoLo… except they weren’t taking credit cards. Yuck.

Overall the food truck rodeo was a bit disappointing. A few people on Twitter complained about waiting 1.5 hours for food and my coworker gave up after waiting and went to a local restaurant. I’ll give them a pass though because it was the first one and it’s hard to predict how big the crowd will be the first time you hold an event like that. Hopefully next time will be better.

I’d love for them to do it once a week downtown, maybe on Thursdays. I think it would be nice to have a revolving group featuring different food trucks every week.

The Memphis Food Truckers website will eventually include event listings where food trucks will be and a map tool showing exactly where food trucks are operating that day. As a food truck lover I’ve extremely excited about that!

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  1. Nashville has a growing food truck scene as well. There ALWAYS seem to be lines. That is my biggest gripe about the food trucks. The only way I have found to avoid the lines is to get there right when it starts. I have my favorites here in town. Hopefully you will find yours too!

  2. How cool!!!! I’ve never eaten anything from a food truck but I LOVE how common & widespread they’re becoming! Such a great way for a small business to garner attention =)

  3. Very cool that they’re starting this! We have sooooo many food trucks/trailers here in Portland. Most of them don’t move around though. There’s designated parking lots that they stay in with picnic tables and tents. It’s awesome!

  4. I like food trucks, in fact, I had lunch from one today, there are three that are by work and they change daily. But yours sounds like a big food truck festival I went to the aug before last when I was just starting to hear about them there was such long, long lines and we were not super late but kinda in the middle of the festival and everything was selling out plus who wants to wait FOREVER for food. This Friday we’re having my best friend’s birthday at a food truck festival but it happens every Friday so I’m HOPING (cross fingers) that there won’t be such lines, now that the novelty has worn off. I hope the same goes for yours, since you said they’re new there. Your food looked tasty at least! Oh, and the food in the food trucks near work are always a little expensive, especially given the fact that they have low overhead, so I’m never sure if they’re worth it or not.

  5. You guys are so lucky to have food trucks around your region. It adds excitement to life isn’t it? A word of caution though, remember to watch the waistline. The food looks delicious and definitely with lots of calories :p