Blogging Bits: Updated How To Guide

Today I updated my how to start a blog page. Several people have already started new blogs in the new year (congrats!) and a couple more have asked about simplified instructions. I’ve updated the page to make it easier than ever. It seriously takes less than half an hour at this point.

Starting a blog really is easy and it can change your life. I can send you to a ton of people who have had their entire lives changed by blogging. You’ll meet people you never would have otherwise met and do things you’d never otherwise done. I can’t recommend blogging enough.

So now the how to guide has better instructions and handy dandy photos! Fun!

If you’ve ever been interested in starting a blog, check out the how to start a weight loss blog guide. Happy blogging!

Now that the business is out of the way… check this out:

Juju attacked bed

JuJu does not like being left alone right now. Unfortunately we do not have internet at home so we have been going to various local coffee shops at night to snag some internet access. JuJu was fine for the first week but yesterday she decided it WAS NOT OKAY. 

The bed bore her wrath! I made her go site with the bed in the idea of dog shaming. She didn’t get punished though since we didn’t catch her in the act. Silly puppy. She’s still adorable. Now it’s time to go home and give her cuddles so she won’t tear anything else up!


  1. says

    We went through this stage with Sashi too. She destroyed 2 beds, numerous old blankets, uncounted toys, and several holes were chewed in pillows, almost all done while we were asleep and she was bored. O.o Luckily she outgrew it before we totaly ran out of things for her to destroy. hehe

  2. Jewlz says

    Kennels are your friend. They are great non-aggressive training tools. Ours loves theirs so much now, that even when we are home if they want to nap, they go in there. Someone explained it to me once that they are like their little caves. I know many people hate to kennel, but in all reality it REALLY helps to alleviate your dogs stress. If they roam free in the house, many times they can feel overwhelmed and to deal with their unease, they tear things up and mess in the house. But when they only have to deal with just their little space, it’s much easier on them. Plus, it helps to keep in their mind who is the ‘head’ of the pack. We were having major issues out of our male before we did this. He would whine, pace, and tear up all matters of things. He was aggressive, jumpy, and downright unfriendly. We watched a show on dogs and behaviors and decided to do full time kenneling and he is SUCH a happy dog now! It was a change that took place over just a few days. And it’s made us all much happier, too. Good luck with Juju and hopefully you can find a routine that works and makes him happy. Is there any way you could give him a good walk before you leave to go if you don’t want to kennel? Burning off the excess energy may really help. :)

    • says

      Oh, we used to have a crate for her in NZ. We just haven’t been able to replace it here in the US. We’re working on replacing stuff but unfortunately don’t have the money to do everything needed at once.

      She does fine if we confine her to one room. The time she tore her bed she had more space, so we plan to just leave her confined in one room for the time being.

  3. says

    My cat hates being alone. he used to cry at the front door, making people pause outside in the hall, making him cry even more, prompting people to call him “disturbed.” he’s gotten used to it now, especially since the nosy people have gone away (who wouldn’t cry, with someone scrabbling around on the other side of your door but not coming in??), but he definitely prefers it when someone can stay with him, and when i spend too much time away and he’s alone too much, he takes it out on me by biting and scratching a lot.

  4. says

    Thank you so much for your guidance on blog startups! I had the itch to start putting my thoughts on a blog, mainly to hold myself accountable for my goals, and had no idea where to start. You’re a big motivator for me!
    Many thanks. :)