EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale Review

A few months ago when I moved back to Memphis I ordered a new scale. After a lot of research and reading the reviews on Amazon I decided to order the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale.

Eat smart scale amerrylife com

EatSmart is a great brand and all of their products are amazing. I’ve previously used their kitchen scale and another version of their bathroom scale. After using both of those products for several years actually I I knew they made quality products. (I have no affiliation with the company and paid for this scale myself. Yeah big spender!)

I couldn’t find the original style of scale that I had and loved back in the day so I ordered an updated different model.

After weighing all my options, I ordered this scale to try out a different model. From the pictures online, I really liked how it looked. The glass look appealed to me… maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with my hardwood floors and like to look at them all the time. I’ve always wanted hardwood floors so it’s nice to look at them during weigh ins.  ;) It does make it a tiny bit harder to keep clean than my previous black scale – you do get some smudges and such as seen below.

Weigh in amerrylife com

That number makes me pretty happy as well. I’m seeing progress already with my efforts in this new year and that feels great. I’m finally about to break through that damn 200 number, which is a big goal for me.

So far the EatSmart digital bathroom scale has been a great purchase. Here are a few of my specific thoughts about it:

Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scale Likes

There are a ton of things I really like about this particular bathroom scale.

  • Accurate weight readings! I weighed in on this scale in the morning before a doctor’s appointment and was spot on when they weighed me. So it’s as accurate as the scales at my doctor’s office. That actually surprised me when it happened but was nice to know.
  • Easy to read display. This make a difference for me as someone with bad eyesight.
  • Inexpensive for a scale. For the level of accuracy this is a pretty cheap scale. It costs more than something you can get at Walmart or wherever, but it’s more accurate. It’s one of the least costly options from Eat Smart or other fancy schmancy scale companies you can buy online. Overall it’s a very good deal.
  • Convenient to buy. Since I buy almost everything on Amazon I consider anything sold on Amazon convenient and awesome. It came to the house in just a few days and I was ready to go.

Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scale Dislikes

No product is perfect and there are a few things I dislike about the scale.

  • Smudgy glass. I’m not 100% loving look of it now after using it for a few months. I do miss my black scale and the smudges on the glass bug me a bit. If I hadn’t fallen in love with that model I’d be very content with this one, but alas, that’s how it goes.
  • Cold glass. It’s very cold to stand on in the mornings. Seriously, my toes rebel against weigh ins during the winter and this scale does me no favors. Brr, glass you are cold.

There aren’t too many dislikes and those are mostly superficial about the way the scale looks. EatSmart makes great products in form and function. Overall I’m happy with the scale and feel it was worth the expense. It’s helpful to keep me on track!

If you want to try out this EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale it’s available on Amazon (It’s one of the scales best-seller even). Enjoy!

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  1. That looks like a great scale. I’m still using an old scale I bought at Walmart about 7 years ago. I think an upgrade like this one is on the horizon for me!

  2. Hey there!

    How are you enjoying Memphis? I’ve only visited the city once before. I didn’t get to do much exploring since I was underage.

    This scale looks great! I love the see through area! Very neat. You make me want to go scale shopping. Was it expensive?

  3. Love my EatSmart scale. I’ve got the GetFit model that does all the body fat, muscle, bone density stuff. Really quality stuff!

  4. Hi! Just came across your blog! That’s awesome that you are getting so close to breaking 200! My battery for my scale died, and I waited a while to replace them, because sometimes the number can be so discouraging! But when I finally replaced them, I was pleased that I had lost 3 pounds :) Thanks for sharing your story on your blog!

  5. Weight machines are always an inferior way to exercise. The major thing is look and feel of the machine and I felt Eat Smart Digital Bathroom scale is attractive and highly proficient and designed in conformity. I am in search of a scale which can also measure the fat and hydration of human body.

  6. Seems like an awesome scale. My scale isn’t very good and I really should invest in a better one since I’m weighing in so frequently now.

  7. I think I might obsess over toe prints if I got one like that! LOL Mine does body fat, but it has seemed to give really weird readings, not sure it is accurate. But it HAS been going down lately, so I like that part! Happy New Year! I still had you on my blog roll and now we’re both on Sparked! :-)

    • Yeah I dislike that about it now after using it for a while. I’m trying to not care too much though because mostly the scale lives under the bed and comes our for occasional weigh ins. ;)