A Good Week

It’s been an interesting week! 

Last night I went to the open house of Cooper Street 20/20, a local business that sells prepared foods. The open house was lovely and we really enjoyed all the things we tried. It’s nice to have a place close by that offers fresh, well-prepared meals in a pinch. I wrote a review of Cooper Street 20/20 on my food blog, in case you are curious.

After an exercise famine in my life, I’ve started working out again! Nothing major. Just some light weights twice and more walking. I’ve taken JuJu on several walks. Last night I also danced for a while – the best kind of workout.

Eating has been going well. I’ve taken my lunch every day and included salads most days. I’m drinking fruit and veggies smoothies for breakfast most mornings as well. I’m a healthy eating machine!

On a less cool note, I’ve headache that’s lasted pretty much all week. At varying points during the week it’s been pretty bad. I’m working on ways to figure it out including finding a doctor (who knew you needed one of those?). For now I’m just doing the old suck-it-up-cause-you-still-gotta-do-stuff thing. So far, so miserable. Here’s hoping it goes away soon!

Despite the headache it’s been a good week. I’m looking forward to this weekend and all the fun stuff we have planned. Plus some quiet time in a dark room sounds nice. ;)  

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  1. says

    If your headache doesn’t respond to regular Tylenol/Advil/aspirin, it may be sinus-related and in that case, Advil Cold and Sinus works very well for me. I’m in no way affiliated with Advil – just know sinus pressure is miserable! Feel better!

    • says

      I’m thinking it might be allergy/sinus related. I haven’t been taking allergy medicine like I normally do. I’ll get it figured out soon, but man, it’s so annoying right now!

      • angelika says

        Oh yes. I have had a sinus headache all week and it is awful. I got antibiotics finally…ugh. Feel better.

  2. says

    I so wish we had anything around here with fresh food. It just does not exist. So sorry you have had a headache for so long they are miserable. Hope you get it under control soon.

  3. Rachel says

    If you’ve been eating really well, could it be detox related?

    When I really get stuck into salads, and goods with high water content, I can sometimes get a nasty headache. I use a codeine based painkiller, with a muscle relaxant to kill it. And loads of water…. which I know you already do!

    • says

      I don’t think so because I was not eating too horribly before this. Well, actually, I did cut out bread/wheat so maybe it is related to that. I’ll give myself another couple days and then go to a doctor.

      • Rachel says

        :( Ugh – my headache is still only just hanging in there from last night…unusual for me because I rarely get headaches, and they don’t usually last very long.

        I just had a coffee – which sometimes helps me… I haven’t been drinking any coffee (or coke zero, devil’s juice) for a few days now …and sometimes that can kick off a headache (withdrawal). I wouldn’t drink caffeine though if you don’t normally.

        Not sure what strength painkillers you can get OTC, but ibuprofen and paracetamol/aspirin don’t usually touch the sides for me when I have a headache like this…. if you can get a codeine paracetamol mix, I know that works for me when I have tension and migraine headaches?

        • says

          The painkillers I had were pretty weak. I don’t drink caffeine but was considering it cause a few people mentioned it would help. Usually my headaches are really short, this one has been unusual.

  4. Jewlz says

    I’m with Erin. I’m thinking a sinus/allergy headache. Why? Because of the weird freakin’ weather fronts! I’ve had a headache or a ‘faceache’ all week, too. It’s not debilitating, but it sure is annoying! I’ve not slept well and been a zombie. Mother Nature is starting to tick me off. LOL

    • says

      Haha. I’m going to take allergy medicine every day for the next couple of days like I’ve done in the past and see if that helps. :)

  5. says

    I had a headache like that once and it ended up being the new multivitamin I had added. Took 3 days to get it out of my system but it was definitely the cause. Hope it’s something simple like that for you too!