Memphis Eats: Gibson’s Donuts


I’ve always heard about Gibson’s Donuts in Memphis, but I’d never actually been by there for a donut. It was always one of those things I’d eventually do, one day, in the future.


Located in East Memphis, everyone knows about Gibson’s even if they haven’t been there before. It’s been open for over 40 years and is open 24/7 except for major holidays. They do half off donuts after 11, making it perfect for students. It’s always busy from sunny weekend mornings around brunch time to midnight. They serve more donuts than anyone I know in Memphis.

If you want a donut fix any time of day, Gibson’s is the place to go.

They are known for doing a few things very well: red velvet donuts, blueberry cake donuts, and cinnamon rolls.

I wanted to try the red velvet and blueberry donuts from the list of things to eat in Memphis. They were out of red velvet donuts during this visit so I made some alternate choices. Good thing they make a huge variety!

I’d heard the maple bacon donut was great and the waitress (donut hostess?) said the New Orleans donuts was amazing and was on a Commercial Appeal list of 100 things to eat in Memphis before you die. Snagged one of those and one of the blueberry.


I expected the maple bacon donut to rock my world with it’s salty sweet combination.


It tasted great though I wasn’t blown away. I think that was more of a personal letdown rather than the fault of Gibson’s. I must admit to not being a crazy bacon fan. Still, it was tasty.

The blueberry donut was delicious. I love blueberry donuts so I was in heaven. Heaven with a donut!

Then came the New Orleans donut. I wasn’t quite clear on if it was buttermilk or birthday cake or what the description for this donut was. All I know is that it was magic in my mouth. I never thought eating a cake donut ball would be so amazing. I’m glad the server mentioned it because I never would have picked it out on my own. Awesome suggestion from the crew at Gibson’s!

Overall Gibson’s is one of the best donut shops in Memphis and one you should definitely check out if you haven’t been before. It’s always a treat when someone brings a box of donuts from there to work or an event. It’s amazing!

Check them out on the Gibson’s Donuts Facebook page.

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