Memphis Eats: Central BBQ

In the past I haven’t eaten BBQ that often. I have it made 3-4 times a year and keep it for special occasions.

Central BBQ is my favorite place to get BBQ in Memphis and that’s where I do go when I want my fix.


I love going to their Central Ave location where it’s got a homey feel and gets packed fast on a busy night. It’s the original location and where I first experience Central BBQ for the first time. I’ve since visited their other locations and go on Summer Ave often, but Central is still the best.


Central does all sorts of BBQ and they do it well. Ribs, pulled pork, sausage, everything! The menu isn’t huge but it’s all about the meat with some delicious comfort food side dishes. They even do some of the best wings in town, in my opinion.

The best thing you can ever hope to eat at Central in my opinion? BBQ nachos made on Central’s house chips.

It’s amazing, promise. Their home made potato chips are so delicious and I highly recommend it if you’ve never had them. It’s not remotely healthy though so I made a different choice this visit:

The Chef Salad.


It’s the first time I’ve ordered a salad from Central BBQ but I was happily surprised. The salad is a blend of romaine and iceberge lettuce with tomators, pepproncini peppers, carrots, and cheese. It’s served in a sundried tomato-basil tortilla (which I did not eat.) Then it’s topped with pulled pork though you can also choose chicken, mushroom, turkey or beef.

The dressing comes on the side and the house dressing is pretty tasty though you can just use bbq sauce as well using the fork dipping method.

The salad was pretty standard and it was basically eating bbq pulled pork on lettuce one I stripped away the tortilla. That works for me though and I was pretty happy to chomp away on this creation.

There aren’t too many healthy or even healthy-ish dishes at Central BBQ, nor would you really expect there to be. It’s not that kind of place. But this worked and is a good option if you do find yourself at Central BBQ trying to eat healthy.

My normal meal when I go to Central: half order of pork nachos on house chips with jalapenos. And a side salad! This meal is a mix of healthy and unhealthy with my favorite item on the menu. And even though it’s a half order, I always have leftovers.

Go there:

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