Friday Freebie: Book Box

I’m lucky that sometimes with blogging comes some free stuff. I get offered a lot of random stuff and reject most of it. I try to only accept things I know I will use or things I’ve wanted for a while.

That rule usually breaks down with books because I love accepting all books. It’s with good intentions as I always plan to read them, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and have too many books and not enough time. That’s happened now so I want to giveaway the books to someone who would like to read them!

Here are the three books I’m giving away today…

The Books

Book natural weight loss

The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin

I skimmed through this one, it looks pretty good and it’s short.

The book description: This book isn’t about the latest celebrity diet, wonder food, or miracle supplement. It’s about creating a personalized weight loss plan—your own easiest path to naturally thin. While you can lose weight with almost any diet, keeping the weight off is much more difficult, requiring permanent changes in eating and exercise habits. This book provides a science-based approach for making those changes in a way that works best for you, without wasting time, money, or effort.

Dr. Spencer explains why we gain weight and why the fat lost by dieting almost always comes back. He then presents an array of practical weight loss tools for controlling emotional eating, calming cravings, boosting metabolism, and improving nutrition and exercise. In the final chapter he has you create a natural weight loss plan based on your unique set of needs, abilities, and preferences. Simple recipes are provided for weight loss foods that reduce cravings and prolong satisfaction.

What this book offers is a solid approach to weight loss—self-directed, gradual, and lasting—in contrast to the quick but fleeting weight loss offered by most one-size-fits-all diet plans.

Book weight loss for people who feel too much

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much: A 4-Step, 8-Week Plan to Finally Lose the Weight, Manage Emotional Eating, and Find Your Fabulous Self

This one looks good and has a bunch of good reviews on Amazon. I just don’t have time to read it!

The book description: From internationally renowned intuitive counselor, life coach, motivational speaker, and author Colette Baron-Reid, a four-step, eight-week program for managing empathy overload–the hidden cause of unwanted weight gain. From her personal experience and work with thousands of clients, Colette Baron-Reid understands the real reason many of us struggle to lose weight and keep it off. It isn’t that we don’t know what to eat or that we don’t have enough willpower; it’s that we are responding to feeling too much. Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much focuses on the keys to weight loss for sensitive people: managing empathy, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, eating to support well-being, and dealing with challenging situations that can trigger disordered eating. With a simple, practical program, Colette shows you how to release the extra pounds and create a new, healthy relationship with your body, your weight, and food.

Book eat guilt repent repeat

Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat: Break the Cycle! Love Your Body, Your Food and Your Life!

The book description: Have you hit diet bottom? How many times have you felt like a failure after another failed diet attempt? Do you find yourself depriving and restricting to be ‘good’ and then binge or overindulge and tell yourself you’ll start again tomorrow? If you want to break the cycle forever and return to your healthy weight, without dieting it is an inside transformation at the core of your being. Changing the way you think about yourself, food so you can love yourself, your food and your life. This process combines all the tools, strategies and techniques to help you discover and transform your life. This is book helps you gain the life you want as you shed the weighty issues that keep you in an unhealthy cycle. This book shares with you real stories, real struggles and gives you proven techniques which will give you real transformation – from the inside out.

The Giveaway

Let me know if you want them in the comments! I can send them individually or send them all together as a book box of good reading. I’d love someone who wants to read these to get them! If there are multiple people I’ll do a random selection based on comment number. Enjoy!

** Update: comments closed, winners chosen in the comments. :) **

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  1. Whitney says

    Would love to read Weight Loss for People who Feel too Much, as it has been on my amazon list for a little while now and reviews look to be really good :) thanks for hosting a giveaway and being so generous :)

  2. says

    Hi…would love to read “Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat: Break the Cycle! Love Your Body, Your Food and Your Life!” This would be awesome…thanks

  3. Robin says

    I would love to read The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin. My mom and sister are both tall and naturally thin. I dont understand their secrets as I am short and round. I would love to find my natural weight. Thanks gal! Keep up the awesome bloggin.

  4. Ruth says

    I’m definitely interested in the Diet Drop-Out Guide. If something says its ‘practical’ my ears perk up.

  5. Erica says

    I would LOVE the Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat book! I could really use it, since I definitely keep getting caught in the cycle :/ Thank you so much for the offer – you’re awesome!

    • says

      You won! Since Alyssa’s number came up first I can send you the third book, Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat. Just send me you address. :)

  6. says

    I’d like to read either the Dropout’s Guide, or Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat. I’ve been trying to slowly phase out a lot of the processed foods we used to eat (I’ve made great progress over the last 3 years) and I also have problems with food guilt more often than I want to admit.

  7. Rose T says

    How cool, very generous of you Mary, I’d love to read “weight loss for people who feel too much”

  8. Nicole Smith says

    Would love to read the, “Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat: Break the Cycle! Love Your Body, Your Food and Your Life!” Mostly because since I was little I was always like this, being a dancer I struggled with my self-esteem and weight a lot. I feel that to really reach back to that time will only help me more in the future.