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A couple weeks ago Caitlin from Diet-To-Go contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their meals in order to become a brand ambassador. I’m not much of a brand ambassador these days since I’m more focused on my day job and seem to have no free time, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I’d heard some good reviews of the brand from other bloggers and thought I could create an honest review of the product if nothing else.

I went into the process without much knowledge of the company or what I’d be receiving. I ending up getting a trial 5 day meal plan that included breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. (Disclosure: Diet-To-Go provided this free of charge in exchange for my review.)

Because I was busy I didn’t really focus on the offer and ended up getting the traditional low-fat meal plan for 1600 calories a day. The calories were spot on but I think the low-carb meals were more my style. Regardless, I enjoyed the meals. The details of my review are below.

The Diet To Go Food In Photos

diet to go meals review

What I Liked About Diet-to-Go

There were quite a few things I liked about the meal plan I received from Diet-To-Go:

  • The food tasted good. I enjoyed most of the meals and there wasn’t anything I hated. I’ve reviewed the breakfast and lunch meals so far and thoroughly enjoyed the majority of them.
  • It took the work of counting calories away. Easiest 5 days of calorie counting ever! It was very nice to have the work done for me with regards to calories and nutrition information.
  • It was SUPER convenient. It is really nice to not have to worry about preparing every meal. Having a pre-made option that tastes good and fits your calories saved so much time and effort. It made life a lot easier.
  • It’s easy. It comes right to your door and all you have to do is unpack the meals and put them in your freezer. Then when it’s time to eat your meal you microwave it (or let certain things thaw like fruit). The whole process was ridiculously easy.
  • It included brands I already know and use. When I saw Kashi granola bars in my box I got extremely excited. I love me some Kashi products so that was exciting.
  • They have options. I like that they have options for vegetarian, low-fat, and low-carb. I’d honestly like to try all of them at some point.
  • They have a satisfaction guarantee. If you try the meals and hate them, they will make it right or refund your money. They aren’t trying to trap anyone or trick anyone. I like how they believe in their product enough to provide 100% satisfaction or give refunds.
  • It’s a fantastic frozen option. I bought a typical frozen diet meal from the frozen section at the grocery store to try after I finished these meals and it was horrible. If you are going to go for frozen and convenient, I’d go with Diet-to-Go any day. The quality and taste is so far above what you can get in a box from Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine.
  • You will lose weight. If you eat these meals and stick to it without any extras you will lose weight. I lost 1 lb in the first 4 days that I ate the meals.

What I Didn’t Like About Diet-to-Go

  • Too much sugar. On the low-fat traditional plan I was sent the breakfast were sugar bombs. There was 53 g of sugar in the first breakfast, 65g in the second, 50g in the fourth. You get the idea. This was entirely too much sugar at one meal for me and it made me feel a little tired and sick in the morning. Considering I normally eat eggs as a low sugar breakfast this did not work at 3 of 5 breakfasts (the other two were more reasonable).
  • There was a lot of sodium in the meals. If you added the sodium from all 3 meals on most days you were over the recommended daily value of sodium. It makes sense that frozen prepared food would have more sodium but I didn’t want to eat three meals a day constantly because of it.
  • Missed fresh food like salads. After eating so many frozen meals in a row I was dying to make something fresh. I just wanted a salad or a sandwich or anything I had to make myself. I didn’t even eat all the meals in a row (due to outside obligations). What I really missed was having eggs/more protein for breakfast. I have eggs every morning so I missed them terribly.

What Is My Future With Diet-to-Go?

  • I’m considering signing up to continue with Diet-To-Go for the next couple months. I DID lose weight during the 5 days which means I would probably keep losing weight. Plus it would be a LOT easier to do since I won’t be cooking for myself. My only consideration currently is the cost.
  • If I choose another meal plan it will be just for lunch and dinner and I’ll most likely go low-carb with my selection. I did not enjoy the breakfasts enough plus I really just like my boring breakfast of eggs or egg muffin every morning.
  • I’m seriously considering becoming an ambassador and have become an affiliate as well (links included in this post so thank you for using them and supporting me). I want to be honest and open with all of this so I’m letting you know now. I will recommend the product to certain people, especially people with no time or desire to cook who enjoy convenience.

Try Diet-to-Go For Yourself

Overall I liked the Diet-To-Go products and service despite the downsides. That decision is for every individual to make, so I think it’s a service worth trying. If you hate it, they give you a refund. Nothing to lose, right?

The banners below show some of the offers DietToGo is currently offering, including free shipping, 15% off, and free meals for a day. If you want to give it a try then use one of these to get a good deal!

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Let me know what you think of Diet To Go once you’ve tried it!

Note: There are affiliate links in this post. Thank you for supporting A Merry Life!

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