Grocery Store Traps

After work I went to the grocery store to buy some salad greens. I really, really wanted a salad for dinner but I didn’t have any salad at home. 

I didn’t want to go to my normal Kroger because I knew it would be packed since it just opened a brand new store. Instead I stopped at a different location on my way home. 

Unfortunately this store was full of traps!

Say no to cookies

When you walk in you are force to walk through the bakery section of the store. So no matter what you came in for you are forced to walk past the donuts, cakes, cookies, etc. For a sugar lover like me it’s so tempting.

Of course I walked right past this and got what I came for and a few extra things.

Veggie time

The produce section ended up enticing me into buying baby carrots, shredded cabbage, and brussel sprouts! I was tempted to get more things but it was supposed to be a quick trip for salad – not a full shop.

Walking through the grocery store reminded me of how many things you have to avoid in a grocery store when you are eating healthy. Normally I shop at stores where I don’t even have to go past the bakery or aisles of sweets. Why walk past that stuff every time if you don’t have to? It’s one less thing to think about.

There are tons of grocery store “traps” and crazy marketing tactics. You just gotta walk right past them all!

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  1. says

    You’re right – there are traps. They don’t bother me because I can’t eat gluten so that saves me – but there are more and more GF options now – thankfully they are expensive! ;)
    Looks like you came home from the store pretty unscathed!

  2. says

    Did you know that many super markets use some kind of artificial cookie aroma, in their bakery departments in order to attract clients? I guess its all about marketing nowadays.

  3. says

    I’ve started walking through the aisles to get a few more steps in, but there were a few aisles that I avoided (Easter candy!) at Wal-Mart. No need to push it!

    • says

      I’ve done that before on bad weather days when I had to go to the store anyway. It’s exercise and it’s kinda fun to look at products. I def avoid certain aisles though!

  4. says

    Supermarkets are my kryptonite as I work next door to one so a quick trip is always lethal. I have never forgotten one thing though – if you want to eat the good stuff – stay out of the aisles. All the fresh food, not processed food is on the outer perimeter of the store – veges, butchery.. and sadly bakery, but that can be avoided. I *try* my hardest to stick to the outside of the store, but we’re only human.

    • says

      Unfortunately, that’s not true in a lot of stores as the deli/bakery is also on the outer perimeter. And like the store I went to, sometimes it’s the outer perimeter you are forced to walk through. But it’s a good general guideline!

  5. says

    The good thing about living in South America is that most of the stores have not even figured this out yet. In fact the first aisles one goes through seem to be mostly non-food items, and the bakery is always back in the corner. I guess they can get away with it though since just about everyone comes to the bakery section to get the really dirt cheap fresh made bread, so they will see the pasteries when they go up to get the bread weighed. I am usually pretty focused on what I get when I go in anyway.

  6. says

    my grocery store (whole foods) opens into the produce section. i always end up getting way too many fruits and veggies but that’s prob not really a bad thing (until they spoil!). the bakery section is really small and near the other side of the store, maybe so that you would grab it as a last minute thought when you’re going to the aisles. but places like whole foods know that things like produce is their most $$ thing they sell (besides the meat) so they’re probably thinking of the same type of marketing, but just as impulse fruit buying.

  7. says

    I know what you mean regarding the shopping traps when it comes to the supermarket. I have learned a few tricks along the way for me- one is to only focus on the periphery of the store. One of the keys thus far has been all about creating a shopping list and stick with it.

    This is not only helping my waistline but also my bank account as I am saving more money.

  8. says

    Oh I know all too well what this feels like. My shop of choice for produce has their “kitchen” right in with the produce section, making me want all that yummy looking prepared food. My #2 shop has the produce with the bakery and cheese/deli (I don’t eat deli, but cheese? Um.) all in one area. We should create a weight-loss designed grocery store. We’d be rich.

  9. says

    Ugh, I know what you mean about Kroger! I hate going in ones that start w/the bakery (instead of produce). i have to have my defenses up and tell as those baked goods “eff you, eff you, and eff you”. But that’s just what works for me. Nice job on the Manager’s special snag! Love those!

  10. says

    This is a great post! To be honest I didn’t notice those “traps” because I am very focused and keen on what I need from the grocery. But for most people that our just doing their grocery shopping, they could easily fall into these traps and buy “unhealthy” foods. Thanks for the great article!