Happy Tuesday Thoughts

  • Spring is springing soon! I know this because Al Roker told me this morning as I watched the Today Show while eating breakfast. I certainly hope he is right because I’m tired of the nice days followed by cooler weather. Soon it should just be warm, so I’m terribly excited about what this means: more dog park, more running, more bike rides!!
  • My legs are still sore from a full body class (like body pump) that I took on Saturday. Apparently that class forced me to hit some muscles I don’t use that often and I’m still sore!
  • That class also made me do burpees. (How to do a burpee, FYI.) I’m on my way to Crossfit, or something.
  • I’m looking into softball leagues that play around me because I need a sport or activity or something to do. I like classes and workout and such but it’s all so solitary! I’m not sure if I’ll end up playing softball or another sport but I’m open to suggestions because I want to do something.
  • Yesterday I took no less than 3 naps. I seriously spent multiple hours in bed after I got home from work and errands because my body was just so tired from the weekend. My body needed that extra rest so I listened and gave myself what I needed instead of what I thought I should do. Sleep, so glorious!
  • Happy Tuesday! Enjoy this day and make it a good one. :)
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  1. you know, you don’t really seem into blogging anymore.i think you might be better served to just take a break than all these small disconnected “just to post ” type of things.

    Or maybe journal more in private if you just want to write for mental clarity? idk. but i know that the last couple of months this blog has become a bit boring…i’ve been sticking around hoping you’ll pull through whatever caused the change in your writing style…

    • I’ve been reading this blog for about a month so I don’t understand your comment. Exactly what change are you observing in the writing style? What prompted you to call the blog boring?

      • Hey Valerie! It has changed, Mimi is right about that. I used to write more openly about a lot of things. I learned however that doing so wasn’t something I wanted to do. So my blog is a bit different these days and perhaps boring to some people. Thanks for reading though!

      • A blog is whatever you want to write about. Not everyone is going to love what you write. I do think that it’s worth the effort because it’s an outlet for things that are bugging you. I bet if you stop blogging for a week, you’re gonna find an issue that you wished you had expressed.

      • LOL, Mimi has been around for a while and on the bitchy side forever. I don’t mind her leaving yet she never goes.

        • Weird – maybe. Rude – I don’t think so.

          Sometimes I think everyone expects people to be 100% encouraging, you are all winners type of people.

          It became boring it me. Key note – to me. I just wanted to see if this was a deliberate choice or not to see if I should keep in my feed or not. M

          Mary has been blogging for a while now and while she might be right in saying “on the bitchy side” (i choose to say calls her on the bs every now and then) I definitely have been rooting for her.

          This started off as a WL blog – i remember when she was so close to under 200 and was excited for her. If the focus has changed then I’m not that compelled to read as much.

          And before I get 3 million “it’s her blog, she can do what she likes” please understand that I agree with that. Sometimes people act like just because A doesn’t like what B does, means B should stop doing it.

          This long post (hopefully not sounding defensive – so hard online) is just to say, Mary answered my real question. Which is she has decided to move the blog in a new direction.

          As with any change, that will gain some new followers and lose some old one.

          *gets off soapbox*

          • Fair enough Mimi.

            To be honest, like I said, I’m not sure of the direction of the blog. It’s fine to lose interest and move on, I’ve done it with blogs before.

            You don’t sound defensive to me. I think a lot of internet conversations are hard just because tone is often misinterpreted. Sometimes things that sound bitchy or defensive aren’t meant to be such, and are just interpreted as that after a bad day or fight or stubbed toe or whatever, ya know?

            I would like to mention that this actually did NOT start as a weight loss blog. I started blogging as a travel/photography blog originally and it transitioned into a WL blog and picked up readers and visitors. In general the blog tends to learn toward whatever I’m most interested in at the time. Lately I don’t even know what that is which is why blogging has been a challenge. I’d like to rediscover some passions for anything really because without passion blogs are pretty boring regardless of topic.

            Anyway, no hard feelings. I do appreciate you continuing to read. Anyway, whether you stay or go, it is appreciated that you at least cared.

    • Thanks for the feedback Mimi. I’m sorry the blog is boring for you but I’ll do what I please as I try to figure out whether I want to keep blogging here or not. My writing style hasn’t changed but in many ways what I feel comfortable sharing has changed. This has left me in a bit of a limbo where I’m thinking through things and trying to decide the direction of this blog or whether I want to keep it at all. This means I’m in a place where I will post randomly whenever I want. Enjoy it or don’t. Whatevs! :)

  2. Happy Tuesday to you!!!
    We had snow yesterday but Sunday is supposed to be up to 75 – spring for sure!!!
    Burpees grow on you over time!!!

  3. Burpees are tough as hell but marines do them because they work! Keep at it and you will grow to love them in a ‘I hate you’ kind of way. :)