Clif Bar Builder’s Bar Review

I’ve tried a lot of protein bars. I like to eat them as snacks in a pinch when I can’t get real food but want enough protein from my snack to stay on track and not feel hungry immediately after eating. My favorite protein bar so far is Clif Builder’s Protein Bars.

Favorite Clif Bar Builder’s Protein Bar Flavors


Clif Builder's Protein Bar review

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Clif Builder's Protein Bar review

Chocolate Mint

Clif Builder's Protein Bar review

Vanilla Almond

Clif Builder's Protein Bar review

Cookies ‘N Cream

Clif Builder's Protein Bar review

(My absolute favorite!)

Other delicious flavors: Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Lemon, S’mores.

Why I Like Clif Bar Builder’s Protein Bars

I love Clif Builder’s Protein Bars because they

  • are all delicious tasting
  • have 20g of protein
  • are easy to eat on the go
  • mostly organic ingredients
  • no artificial sweeteners
  • seriously the best tasting protein bar available

What I Don’t Like About Builder’s Bars

The only real downside to these bars is that they are high in sugar and calories. For this reason I eat them sparingly and sometimes have one (or half of one) as a *candy bar* or dessert instead of eating something that has no protein.  They taste just like a candy bar!

Another downside might be the use of soy protein if you are trying to avoid soy or allergic to it but this isn’t a concern for me.

Where To Buy Clif Bar Builder’s Bar

Most grocery stores and health food stores will stock some flavors of Clif Bar Builder’s Bars. They usually sell between $1 and $2.

Clif Builder's Protein Bar review

You can also buy Clif Bar Protein Bar’s on Amazon. Check out all the flavors of the Builder’s Bars and get the ones you can’t find in stores. They pretty much all have 4-5 stars and lots of positive reviews just like mine because these truly are the best tasting protein bars out there!

Other great options: