Memphis Eats: Chiwawa

I’ll start with where I ate today: Chiwawa in Midtown Memphis.

Normally weekday lunches are confined to a packed lunch or a nearby location downtown. Since we had the time today some coworkers and I decided to head out to Chiwawa in Midtown.

I’ve actually been dying to go to Chiwawa because I live in the area. I drive past the place every day so I watched the construction and opening process for the restaurant. I love that they revitalized this space and are so focused on being part of Midtown.

Chiwawa memphis

Chiwawa memphis restaurant

It was great to finally go inside and test out the menu (which is a very cool design, btw). It’s a casual Mexican restaurant & bar and the concept seemed rather… intriguing. Tacos and hotdogs at the same restaurant? This I must see.

Chiwawa memphis menu

We split chips and guacamole as an appetizer. The plate of chips felt rather massive!

Chiwawa chips and salsa

The chips are house made and seasoned rather well. I couldn’t decide if I likes them on the first bit but after a few I loved them. The guac was super fresh and chunky – just the way it should be.

I ordered two tacos for my lunch.

Taco al Pastor – Smoked Pork, Grilled Pineapple, Pickled Onion, Cilantro, 901 Mexi-Que Sauce.

Chiwawa pork taco

Taco de Pollo – Smoked Chicken, Salsa Verde, Slaw Chiwawa, Cotija

Chiwawa chicken taco

It was a rather appetizing plate. I love that you can mix and match your order with whatever tacos and side items you want. At $3 a taco it definitely encourages ordering more!

Chiwawa tacos

I enjoyed the tacos well enough, but I feel like I’ve had better tacos at local Mexican places (and food trucks). There was nothing wrong with these combinations they just didn’t do it for me today. I should have ordered the fish taco!

Favorite food item: Chips and Guacamole.

Least favorite food item: Taco al Pastor. Pork taco. Wasn’t a huge fan of the Mexi-Que sauce on a taco. I know we live in Memphis but c’mon.

Favorite non-food thing: The prices on the menu include tax so you don’t have to factor that in. That’s one thing I loved living in New Zealand so it’s nice to see again!

Least favorite non-food thing: It did feel a bit awkward to be in a restaurant where the waiter joked about not being able to pronounce the menu items that were in Spanish. That’s a whole different conversation for a different day.

Final thoughts: I’ll definitely give the place one (or more) visits since I live nearby and they have a killer patio. I also really want to try their juan-tons (a mexican twist on traditional wontons) and elote. I also need to try a hotdog and an alcoholic popsicle… Ok their menu actually holds a lot of promise for future visits.

Until next time!

Curious about the restaurant that sells hot dogs and tacos? Go visit!

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