Memphis Eats: India Palace

I’ve been taking lots of food photos when I make good meals or go out to eat but I haven’t been uploading them because I just haven’t had time. This blog was one of the first things to get cut in the business of life. Who honestly has time to blog that many times a day? Oh yes, I used to. I sorta miss those days and at the same time I definitely don’t.

Anyway, on to the food!

Memphis Eats: India Palace

Today I went with some friends to eat at India Palace in mid-town Memphis.

It was actually our second choice of Indian restaurants since the place we were originally planning on visiting was closed upon our arrival.

We ended up just going with the buffet option so I tried a little bit of everything available.

indian food from India Palace

Oh yes, and some naan.

india palace from India Palace

I didn’t love everything, especially the spinach option. That one was not good. The rest was delightful and made me really miss eating Indian food more often.

The restaurant was quite busy for a Sunday lunch and I was pretty impressed so many people were eating there. The staff was friendly, efficient, and refilled my water so often I actually got tired of saying thank you (that’s a good thing). Overall it was a really positive experience.

The best part of the day is I finally found some friends that like eating ethnic foods! We are planning to go eat mongolian bbq, ethiopian, and anything else we can find in Memphis. I’m excited about trying out some new restaurants I’ve never visited in my hometown over the next few months.

It should be a fun exploration of Memphis Eats, beyond the BBQ and fried chicken. ;)

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