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useful guide to blogging

After blogging for years here and professionally, I created this basic blogging guide to help newbie bloggers understand the ins and outs of blogging.

Blogging can be very confusing at first and there is a huge learning curve, so having all the information in one place is a great way to save time and improve your blog quickly.

Get The Health Blogging Guide

health blogging basics ebookThis blogging guide gives you:

  • how to start a blog
  • how to monetize a blog
  • how to improve your existing blog
  • blogging tips from top health bloggers

The health blogging guide began as a small project to answer blogging questions I routinely receive, and it became the comprehensive guide to creating a better health blog you see here. It is the culmination of years of learning and experience blogging in the health niche as well as working for multiple local web agencies. I hope the information you find here helps you.

Get the Health Blogging Guide ebook now for just $3! Just send me an email at amerrylife @ gmail!

I hope the ebook helps you create and run a successful health blog.


View some of the information contained in the blogging ebook on the pages below as examples!

Creating a Blog

The Art of Blogging

More Traffic and Readers

Monetization & Opportunities

Blogging Action Plan

Hope you enjoy all the tips and guides contained in this section! If you need help feel free to contact me or hire me for a consultation!

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