Weight Loss Success Stories

weight loss success stories

A collection of interviews with people who have lost weight and want to share their weight loss success story.


Natural Weight Loss Stories

Weight Loss Success Story: Cammy

Cammy lost about 100 pounds through healthy eating and exercising with a personal trainer.

Weight Loss Success Story: Diane

Diane lost over 150 pounds through her own eating plan and has kept it off for 12 years.  She shares the tips that made keeping the weight off easier.

Weight Loss Success Story: Heather

Heather lost 70 pounds with LA Weight Loss and better eating habits to counteract her long work days and busy schedule.

Weight Loss Success Story: Jen

Jen lost almost 100 lbs by watching what she ate and exercising more.

Weight Loss Success Story: Ingrid

In a dual interview with me, Ingrid shares how she “accidentally” lost 45 pounds and found a healthy new lifestyle.

Weight Loss Success Story: Roni

The fabulous blogger Roni lost 70ish pounds on Weight Watchers after having a baby and has kept it off running and healthy cooking.

Weight Loss Success Story: Tony

Tony “The Anti-Jared” lost 200 pounds eating healthy whole foods and exercising while working in one of the least healthy restaurants in America.

Weight Loss Surgery Stories

Weight Loss Surgery Success Story: Felicia

Felicia lost over 260 pounds since making the decision to have weight loss surgery after hitting a high weight of 427 pounds.

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